What is a Spirit Guide ?

Guides are discarnate entities that have not been incarnated on this plane of existence. The only exception to this rule is if someone in your family has crossed over and has attained permission to be a spiritual guide for you.

Usually there are one to two guides assigned to you at birth. They remain with you throughout your entire lifetime to help you fulfill your contract.

At certain times in your life other spiritual guides will join your lifetime guides to help you work through certain issues. These can be past life issues that need to be resolved. An example would be if you became interested in healing. You would then attract healing guides or possibly fifth level surgeons that would work closely with you to teach and assist you. Another example would be if you were a musician and were trying to compose a particular piece of music. You would aattract musical guides to help you.

There are certain times when we are attract to certain cultures. It is usually due to a past life event that we have experience. A guide may have a lot to do with that experience as well.

Angels are not guides, they are from a different realm entirely. Guides may come from other planets and are highly spiritual, evolved intergalactic beings.

Be careful whom you channel! Many people are channeling what they believe to be pure energy, but are not. You can tell the difference. True guides act only out of love. There is no anger, hatred or fear.


Closing my dream inside this paper bag
Thought I saw angels but I could have been wrong.

The smile in your eyes was never so sweet before
I came down from the sky to cry you a song.


Spirit Guides are people who have passed over into the next life. They have reached a high spiritual level but still retain an interest in what is going on in the world. They are not like guardian angels who protect us, but are there to help and guide us when we ask for advice.

Guides are principally concerned with our spiritual growth and are prepared to help us with it. Although they want us to be independent and stand on our own two feet, they discourage us from asking for help every time we have a small problem. They prefer to act as mentors who have already learned the lessons we are so painfully trying to master. Communicate with your guides as often as you wish, but ask for help only when it is really necessary.

Your guides do not offer advise to you unless you ask for it. That is why some people go through their entire lives without ever realizing that they have spirit guides. Often they have not even heard of them, let alone learned how to ask their guides for help. However even in these cases, their spirit guides will do all they can to help them as they travel through life. In fact, if someone is in dire straits, and calls out for help, God's help will come immediately from the person's spirit guide.

If you have never seen or spoken to your spirit guide here is one method you can do to contact them. Its called Automatic Writing.

It is essential to be relaxed when you wish to experiment with automatic writing. Sit somewhere comfortable with your writing arm creating a ninety-degree angle at the elbow. The hand holding the pen should be comfortably resting on the paper. Some people have better results using the hand they do not normally write with. Try using the other hand to see what happens.

Remain relaxed and simply wait and see what happens. Many people prefer to have their eyes closed at this stage, and go into a meditative state.

After a while the hand holding the writing implement will start to move. Resist the temptation to look at what is happening, or even to show any interest. Automatic Writing is unconscious writing, and any conscious interest will destroy the spontaneity and flow of the writing.

You may be fortunate and find that you start writing words and sentences from the onset. You may even write some words or phrases in mirror writing. It makes no difference what your hand draws or writes. As long as it creates something, you have made a good start.

However, you will find that on occasion, nothing is produced, even after you have been doing it successfully for several months. Do not worry about this. It simply means that nothing is available to come through at that time. Simply try again on another occasion.

Practice regularly and you will be amazed at what you produce. You will quickly discover that it is truly "automatic" and your hand is impelled by an outside force that works better when your conscious mind is out of the way.

You will also discover that you can write in this manner for hours without becoming physically tired. The writing you produce can be almost anything. You might create poems, novels, answers to questions that are troubling you, or spiritual insights.

Do not evaluate anything while it is being produced. Simply record it. You can make time to evaluate and question afterwards. You will find Automatic Writing becoming more and more useful to you as time goes by. You will receive answers to questions and problems that have been bothering you. You will receive insights that will enhance your spiritual awareness, and you will be able to help others by using your automatic writing skills to answer their questions.

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