Soul mates share several of these characteristics:

- Many couples defy tradition, age, race, and class barriers to be together.

- Most experience a sense of instant recognition when they first met. MANY HAD SEEN EACH OTHER FIRST IN DREAMS.

- Those who recognize past-life relationships with present-day partners had often discovered the connection during hypnosis, when the faces of their former and current lovers seemed to merge.

- All soul mates shared a sense of having known and loved each other before.

- But surprisingly, their relationships were not perfect. Why not? Most experts say that it is because each lifetime together offered the chance to learn new lessons - or master old ones.

- And in many cases, their partnerships were not lifelong. In fact, each of us may have several soul mates - each with a new lesson to offer.

A powerful technique for anyone in search of a soul mate: Work on yourself first. You can't attract what you don't have, spiritual development is the key to finding one's soul mate. The deeper people search within themselves, the more they made of themselves, the greater likelihood of finding a soul mate.

A soul mate is someone who cares about you unconditionally.

They should never make you feel bad or put you down.

They know and understand everything about you, all your hopes, desires, needs and dreams.

A soul mate is someone you can trust with your life.

Soul mates believe they were partners in life, put on Earth to develop themselves and give something back to the world.

Soul mates are special because they want something special. They know without this special love their lives have no grace or purpose.

When you look into the eyes of your Soul mate, you see all the generations you've created before you.

The Word

This garden universe vibrates complete,
Some may get a sound so sweet.

The vibrations reach on up to become light
And then through gamma out of sight.

Between the eyes and ears there lie
The sounds of color and the light of a sigh.

And to hear the Sun, what a thing to believe
But it's all around if we could but perceive.

To know ultra-violet, infrared and x-rays,
Beauty to find in so many ways.

Two notes of the chord, that's our full scope
But to reach the chord is our life's hope.

And to name the chord is important to some
So they give it a word and the word is OM.
~Graeme Edge (Moody Blues)


Love is precious because you can't buy it or control it. It's not up to you when you have it or when it ends. When it's there, nothing is better but you're always at it's mercy. When it leaves or when your partner leaves with it, it's gone and you can't will it back.

Love isn't about being fair. You can't be forced to love someone and no one can be forced to love you. Love is the greatest joy and greatest pain in life. It's the highest intensity of feeling there is. But it's absolutely unpredictable and unmanageable by itself which is why we seek to contain and control it, ensnaring it in concepts of commitment, vows and in institutions such as marriage.

Love will not be bridled. Despite all our efforts, it can still get away. When someone no longer loves you, you need to move on. If you don't, you won't change the result, you'll just increase the pain.

It's called cheating because the assumption is by either vow of marriage or understanding, the parties are committed to one another, that there is something special and exclusive between each other, that they will in fact be faithful to each other. So to violate that bond, that pact, is cheating. And yet so often the infidelity is not so surprising. The cheated upon partner is hurt and often shocked that this could happen. But that shock, that surprise, is just a function of a shattered wish fulfillment. The hurt partner invisioned a relationship where both partners were equally in love and committed to each other. That was the wish but it was not the reality. In truth, the partners did not love each other equally.

If that is the circumstance, the odds are reasonably good that the one who isn't really as committed is likely, at some point, to be unfaithful leaving the partner who only observed his or her own feelings to be shocked, surprised and hurt. The lesson is; when entering a relationship, you must know how you feel. But that's not enough, Do you really know how your lover feels? It's better to know now because you're bound to find out later.

Do not single out for special attention one person whom you would then burden with responsibility for your growth. A relationship is not mutual responsibility. It is mutual love and self-discovery. When two people are bound beyond that, there is servitude and false authority. That is the destruction of a relationship.

What can another give you that you, in your essence, do not have? As you look into the eyes of another, your question is really "Tell me who I am, for I have become so embedded in being the perceived that I need you to be the perceiver."
Ask yourself, "Where do I place self-definition outside myself? Where am I awaiting approval? Where have I given over my authority?" Walk gently, lightly, and joyfully in this life you have chosen - and walk freely.

Once you have loved, you always love. Love finds itself again and again until all things are recognized as Self. A loving relationship goes on to become more and more deeply extended until Oneness is reestablished. Anyone you have loved, regardless of how briefly and no matter how badly it may have ended, you and they are now one. You will know that person time and time again. Love is the only spiritual way. And rob someone of their willingness to love and be loved is the cruelest thing you can do to another.


How to Select a Mate