The following stories are what I consider to be alien encounters that I have had during my life. I have never undergone hypnosis. These are experiences I remember and have always been aware of; they did not come back as lost memories. I don't tell these stories to many people. In fact, a lot of my friends don't even know that I've had these encounters. I'd like to add that I am not a writer. I could never have been able to fabricate these stories. As far as I'm concerned, they are real. I have also had encounters with ghostly entities that are described below.

When I was about 8 years old, an 'entity' would visit me and hover around the door to my bedroom. It usually happened in the early morning hours (around 1:00 or 2:00 A.M.) when I would have trouble sleeping. I knew it had to be late because I would hear my parents going to bed. Then it would happen! A dark whirling round thing the size of a basketball (or larger) would come up to the door of my room. It made a humming whirling sound and would scare the hell out of me. It also crackled like it was made of electricity. I was dark but when it "crackled" it would show up as lines around this sphere. I would hear it outside the house and actually sense it coming through the front door down the hall to the door of my bedroom. For months it would just hover by the left top corner of the doorway for what seemed like forever. It eventually became (what I thought was) very bold and moved to about one inch of my face. I remained perfectly rigid because I felt that if I moved at all, it would attack me, bite me, or something. I knew that as long as I stared at this sphere, it would keep its distance. Eventually it disappeared and I would go to sleep instantly. This occurred many times a month for a couple of years.

In July 1986, I worked with 3 guys who cleaned offices at night to earn extra money. One night I couldn't help them so I told them to call me when they were ready and I'd give them a ride home. One of them called me around 6:55 P.M. and told me to leave immediately because they would be done by the time I got to the building which was 15 minutes away. After I hung up the phone, I immediately got my keys and drove off. On the way, I stopped for a traffic light. Suddenly, a bright light came from nowhere and was heading for the left side of my head. I thought it was a sunbeam, but it sort of aimed at me. I screamed and put my left arm up to block the bright light. A second later (or so I thought), I opened my eyes and found myself lying on my right side across the front seats of my car. I was a little embarrassed about this and was wondering why I was looking at the floor of my car when I should be waiting for the light to turn green. I got up and looked around to see if anyone was looking at me because I screamed pretty loud. When I looked to my left a woman was in her car but staring straight ahead like a zombie. So were the people behind her. I couldn't understand why nobody saw me do what I did. I also couldn't understand why I was reacting to the sun like that, or why I was lying across the front seats of my car. I just shook my head and laughed. It was the craziest thing. The light turned green and everyone that was in the "zombie" state immediately snapped out of it and we all drove off. I finally got to the building. When I got there, all the guys were yelling at me saying, "Where the hell have you been? We've been waiting over an hour for you." I thought they were just saying that to give me a hard time. I told them that I left as soon as I hung up the phone. They said, "It can't take over an hour and a half to get to the building you only live 15 minutes away." I told them I definitely left the house as soon as I hung up the phone. They insisted they called me over an hour before I arrived and were really angry with me. I realized they weren't kidding and decided to drop the subject. I told them about the strange thing that happened to me on the way to pick them up. They asked me what happened and I told them that a bright light almost hit me in the head. They laughed at me and said I was crazy. One of them said, "What are you afraid of the sun now?" I had to admit it sounded funny. The strange thing was that as soon as I got to the building, it seemed to turn dark suddenly. It was still daylight when I arrived there but as soon as they started yelling at me it turned dark. On the way home we passed a car. They were all laughing and I asked them what they were laughing at. They said, "Look at that guy in the car next to us. He has a big head." I thought they were putting me on because I couldn't see any guy with a 'big head'. The car sped up and I did too to see this 'big head' but I couldn't see it. Then this guy with the big head slowed down and so did I. I still couldn't see him, so he sped up again. It was as though he was playing cat and mouse with me. Eventually we came to a fork in the road, I went left and the guy with the 'big head' went right. I never got to see him. This was the first missing time episode that I can remember.

11/17/02 A few weeks ago I passed by the office mentioned above and timed the ride to my house. It was approximately the same time (7:00 PM) so traffic was very similar. It took about eleven to twelve minutes to travel from this office to my house.

In the middle of the winter 1986, I woke up in the middle of the night completely naked. It's pretty cold in my house in the winter so I wouldn't have taken my pajamas off while I was sleeping. The reason I woke up was because I was shivering uncontrollably from the cold. I thought I was having a convulsion at first. It was dark in the room and I began to feel my body for some reason. I noticed that I was naked and was absolutely shocked that I had no clothes on. I looked down and noticed that my blankets were folded at a perfect angle, my body was over the blankets. I thought, "What the hell is going on now?" I turned on the light and looked to my left to expect to find my pajamas on the floor but they weren't there. I looked down at the bottom of the bed but they weren't there either. I finally looked to my right and saw my pajamas lying perfectly flat about 5 feet from my bed near the radiator. It looked as though they had been ironed. I got up and put them on and for some reason looked up at the ceiling and said, "Next time put my clothes back on after you're done with me." Then I wondered why I said that. I turned to get back into bed and noticed that my blankets were folded at a perfect 45-degree angle. My body had been placed over the blankets. It was one weird thing after another that night. I got into bed and tried for 1/2 hour to warm up again and finally got back to sleep. On several occasions I have discovered upon waking in the morning that my pajamas were on inside out. Sometimes backwards! I knew I definitely did not put them on that way.

In 1988 or 1989, I woke up in the morning from a dead sleep and sat straight up in bed and said, "I have to learn calculus." From that moment I was obsessed with learning calculus. I was already attending college for a business degree so learning calculus would be additional work for me. I took every calculus course that was offered and got A's in all of the courses. Somehow, I feel that this knowledge was implanted in my brain because it was too easy. There was a reason I had to learn calculus but I have no idea why.

In 1989 I woke up and felt something that was wet coming from my belly button. This wasn't the first time this had happened to me. My parents were visiting during this incident. The wetness was blood but sort of a light colored red. I'd have to stay in bed for a couple of hours until it healed. Once it healed, it was as though nothing was wrong with it. While it was bleeding it felt like my body was split in half. It was a very weird feeling. The day this happened was the same day my parents were leaving to go to the airport. My mother asked if I was OK since I was still in bed. I told her why I was still in bed and she became concerned. When my father found out, he freaked out! He told me to see the doctor as soon as I could get an appointment. As they were putting their luggage into the car, my father came in the house and said, "Be careful. There's a guy parked outside in a white van." He saw him in the morning and he was still out there 4 hours later. I knew whom he was talking about because he parked outside my house for days at a time during my "experiences". The next day, I went to the doctor to find out what was making my belly button bleed. He looked at me, as if I were crazy and said he never heard of anything like that before. He examined me but there was nothing to see at that point, it was completely healed. I've had 3 occurrences of belly button bleedings to date.

In 1992 I would wake up in the middle of the night with terrible nosebleeds. There would be blood all over the pillow. The chiropractor I was seeing told me to use a humidifier. She thought the cause was due to dryness in the house. With all the stuff that was happening to me I didn't really believe it. I bought a humidifier anyway, used it for a while and the nosebleeds ceased. As a test I decided to not use the humidifier for a couple of weeks. It was still dry in the house and I didn't get a nosebleed. I haven't used the humidifier since, it's still dry in my house and I have not gotten any nosebleeds since then. It seems as though "they" do experiments on me in stages.

After the nosebleed incidents, I would wake up in the morning and my eyes would hurt like hell. I couldn't touch the area around my eyes or cheekbones. Even the lightest touch would be extremely painful. I thought it might be connected to sinus problems but I didn't have the other symptoms that I would usually get like the runny nose or watery eyes. Years later, I realized what the pain was from after I saw the movie "Fire in the Sky" which scared the Hell out of me as I watched them put a needle in Travis' eye. I almost hyperventilated. I figured they probably popped my eye out and put a tracking device inside there.

At other times I would wake up in the morning and my front teeth would be hurting. I couldn't touch them and had to wait a couple of hours before I could brush them. My gums didn't hurt, just the 2 front teeth. I went to the dentist to check for cavities but I had none. This would happen on a regular basis and only on weekends. I thought I was resting my mouth on my hand so I made a conscious effort the night before to remember how I woke up the next morning. When I woke up I was lying on my back and my front teeth were killing me so I knew it wasn't the way I was sleeping. Again, years later I was watching "X-Files" and an abductee was on a table and his front teeth were being drilled so an implant could be inserted.

In 1995 I had a vivid dream about the two children I used to baby-sit for i.e. Sara and Richard. Sara and I were being led onto a space ship by an alien. We weren't afraid because we knew we were going to see some amazing things. I asked the alien where Richard was and he told me that he was playing with other children. I wouldn't continue with the tour of the ship until I was certain Richard was safe. As we got onto the ship we made a left and the first door on my right was a room where a lot of children were playing. Richard was with them playing with another boy. I decided it was OK for me and Sara to follow the alien. Then I woke up and that was all I could remember. That weekend I was asked to baby-sit and asked Sara and Richard what they wanted to do. They said they wanted to draw so that's what we did. We drew all sorts of things and finally ran out of ideas. I decided, for some reason, to draw a picture of a grey's head. When I finished I showed it to Sara and she said, "Oh, I've seen that before." I was shocked and didn't expect her to say that so I asked her when she's seen that face. She said she didn't know but knew she had seen it before. I decided to tell her about the dream I had. I said, "You know Sara, I had a dream about you guys. We were being led onto a space ship." Richard laughed and bounced around in his chair (like kids usually do) and Sara said, "I had that dream too." I thought she was just kidding me because she was very intelligent for her age. I said, "You did?" She said, "Yes", so I asked her, "O.K. if you did have the same dream then where was Richard?" She told me that she didn't know but that he was playing on the ship with some other kids. I told her that was exactly what happened in my dream and that once we saw him playing with other kids we were led on the tour. I asked her if she remembered anything else but she didn't. I don't know if we connected in the same dream or we were abducted.

Another curious thing happened concerning Sara and Richard. About an hour after I put them to bed and went downstairs to read or study, I would hear one of them running around upstairs. This happened on several different occasions. One time I thought Sara was using the water in the bathroom and would go back to bed shortly. When I hear her running around up there after an hour (they were allowed to stay up as long as they were in their rooms) I decided to go see what she was doing. I went up the stairs very quietly so she couldn't hear me. When I opened the door to her room, she was asleep. I checked on Richard and he was also asleep. I thought it may be ghosts and told their parents about the strange noises I had heard. I told them that I thought one of the kids was running around upstairs after I put them to bed. They said, "Oh, so you heard the ghost too?" Apparently, I was not the only one that has experienced this. Except, I don't think it was ghosts. The noise it made sounded like a little child or small person running around, not an adult.

In early May 1994 around 9:00 AM I was sitting at my desk at work and felt something stick into the left side of my neck. I yelled, "Ow", and tried to feel what was in my neck but whatever it was fell to the floor. It was similar to when an earring falls down your clothing. That's the best example I can give. When I looked at my neck there was a small black spot that hurt like hell when I touched it. I thought maybe a tick had bitten me. The next day the mark was gone and a month later I began experiencing extreme pain in the joints of my legs and arms. First the pain was on my right side. When I woke up my right arm and leg were fused in whatever position I was sleeping in. It was very difficult to straighten my arm or leg out. It took several hours before the pain went away. This happened for two consecutive days. On the third day, the same thing happened to my left arm and leg. I finally went to the doctor to find out if it was Lyme disease but he seemed to think it was arthritis. I was given an anti-inflammatory drug and tested for Lyme disease anyway. The test came back negative and once the pain went away I stopped taking the medication. I never needed it after that.

A week later my father called me at work (he lives in Florida) and I asked him how he was doing. He told me that he was fine but a week earlier he thought he was dying. I asked him what happened and he told me that he woke up in the morning his arms and legs were hurting and felt like they were fused in one spot (he couldn't straighten them out). I told him the same thing happened to me, but I went to a doctor who prescribed drugs for arthritis. He said that it couldn't be arthritis because I would need the drugs all the time. He then told me that something weird happened during one of his walks about a month prior. He took his normal 2-mile walk and felt something stick in his neck. He pulled it out and I asked him what it looked like since I didn't get to see what was in my neck. He said it was a needle about 2-3 inches long, a shiny black color that resembled a thorn from a tree or bush. He couldn't understand how it could have ended up in his neck since there are no bushes in Florida that have those type of needles. I asked him what he did with the needle. He said he threw it on the ground. I think my Father and I had the same experience at the same time. I found it interesting that he related the needle in his neck with the joint pain as I did, although I didn't see what was sticking in my neck since it fell on the floor. I also didn't see who jammed this needle in my neck. It's seems like they can make themselves invisible. If this needle had been in my neck for a while I'd think I would have felt it when it was first placed in my neck. I was sitting at my desk at work and no one was in the cubicle with me.

9/30/99 The following report occurred a few towns away from me and is the reason I am now revealing my story.

LEVITTOWN, LONG ISLAND -- Dave Hagemeister reports on September 1, 1999, Ed G a well educated married professional heard a very unusual throbbing-sound that reverberated throughout his home. It was a rapidly cycling hum or whine-sound; that fluctuated in volume. The strange pulsating gong sound became louder and awakened Ed's wife at 10:00 PM. She called out loudly; "Ed, do you hear that strange noise?" She parted the bedroom curtains and saw an eerie-blue-glow in their backyard. Ed cautiously opened their front door; to see a huge disk-shaped UFO, the size of a commercial-airliner, hovering 130 feet high just a few yards above the water tower several blocks away. The object was very dark and dull circular disc that tapered from its thin edge all around its perimeter to seven feet thick at its center. The UFO tilted down toward Ed at a 45-degree angle. Ed could see a straight line of a dozen steadily glowing blue-lights, extending from the lower edge directly across its midsection, to the edge furthest from him. There was a larger bright blinking blue light at farthest edge of the object. His wife ran to see the object move slowly towards the southeast. Ed ran barefoot out of the house and down the street to follow the object, then returned for his camera but was unable to get a photo. He was surprised to realize that no one else had come outside to investigate the loud throbbing sounds. Three nights later, on September 4th, they saw the craft and heard the throbbing-sounds again at 11:00 PM. They decided to remain inside in the security of their home.

Thanks to Dave Hagemeister NACOMM:

Here's my story:

Another strange event took place during the third week of August 1996. I was in bed trying to get to sleep but was extremely restless. I went to bed at around 11:00 P.M. Although I was extremely tired, I could not go to sleep. By 3:30 A.M. I decided that I might as well get up and read a book. All of a sudden I heard something coming up the street. I live on the corner of a 4 lane busy street. From what I could sense was that this vehicle was about a mile away. I thought it was a vehicle but it did not sound like the cars I usually heard coming up the road. I have lived in the house for over 15 years so I know the difference between a car, truck, bus, or motorcycle. I thought it was an electric car because it made a rotating, humming sound. I thought this was strange because I have never heard a car that sounded like that before. I could tell that it was moving slowly. As it was approaching, I started to wonder what exactly this thing was. When it became perpendicular to my house I realized that the sound I heard was not an electric car but a UFO! I do not know why I felt it was a UFO; it was sort of an inner knowing that it was a UFO. I have no proof but I am totally convinced that this "humming thing" was a UFO and no one can convince me otherwise. It moved passed my house and stopped at the next house that was facing the 4-lane street. I heard people talking in muffled tones and strained to hear what they were talking about. As much as I tried I could not make out what they were saying. All of a sudden the talking ceased. It was as though they knew someone was listening to them. They knew I was listening. At this point, I got scared, really scared. I thought they were going to take me. I could see, in my mind's eye, all of them turn in my direction. Then in an instant I could feel myself falling asleep as if I was being drugged. I thought to myself that I have to remember this in the morning. The next morning I woke up at 11:00 A.M. I shot out of bed and immediately got dressed so I could go outside to see if they left any evidence behind. There was absolutely nothing to prove anything or anyone was in the spot that I felt the craft had parked in. I would estimate that the time I heard the "electric car" to the time I realized it was a UFO and heard the voices was approximately 2 minutes. How could I be fully awake and ready to get up out of bed to read a book and in 2 minutes fall asleep as if unconscious? It's impossible. The sensation was that of being put under anesthesia which is totally different from falling asleep on your own.

It's also interesting how abductees come into contact with other abductees. In 1996, I met a girl that I will call Joanne Smith. She is a very serious person whom I can trust never to lie or sensationalize. She told me a story about an experience that happened to her not knowing about all the things that happened to me all my life. She was job hunting and saw an ad in the paper for a secretarial job. She called the number; a woman answered and gave her directions to the building. She also told her not to pay attention to the sign on the door because it was a new company and just rented the suite. When she got there, the door was open but no one was at the front desk. She said, "Hello, is anyone there?" A man's voice asked, "Are you Joanne Smith?" She told him yes and he asked her to come into his office, take a seat and fill out the application form. She was pretty efficient at filling out applications since she had been looking for a job for a while. She said the strange thing was that he didn't turn around and greet her or shake her hand. She didn't even see his face. He had his back to her the whole time and was flipping through other applications (like a robot) as she filled out the form. When she informed him she was finished, he turned around. She said to me, "Deb, this guy gave me the creeps." I asked her, "Why, what did he do?" She said it wasn't what he did, it was what he looked like. I asked her to describe what he looked like. She told me he had a blue color to his skin, a triangle-shaped head, huge eyes, long arms and a very thin body. She drew a picture of his head; it was triangular with rounded corners. She said he also wore a blue suit. He then began to ask impertinent questions about her family. How she fit in with them. How she felt about her siblings, parents, etc. She told him that she thought the questions were illegal and had nothing to do with a secretarial job. He told her he would be in touch with her either way about the job and she left thinking it was the strangest interview she ever had. When she got out of the building, she was disoriented, very upset, on the verge of crying, and couldn't remember where her car was. She asked me how long I thought it would take to fill out a job application and answer a couple of strange questions. I thought it might take 25 minutes, she thought more like 45 minutes the most. She told me she was there for over 2 1/2 hours. She could not account for all that time and was upset by the whole incident. She told me she was so disturbed by the experience that she decided to go back to confront this "man" the following day. She wanted to know why he was asking so many weird questions. The next day she drove off to the building and when she got there, the building was burned to the ground. She never heard from them again. I told her that aliens abducted her but she just laughed and said she didn't know what it was but it was an experience she would never forget. She still calls him the 'strange man'. I say it was an alien.

It was around 8:30 P.M. Saturday, Sept. 20, 1997 when I spotted something in the sky. My friend and I were coming back from a bus trip to Atlantic City. The ride home was very serene as we pass the New York City Skyline. I thought to myself, wouldn't it be weird to see a UFO. The bus arrived at our destination (Melville, NY) and we proceeded to drive home. On the way (Round Swamp Rd, near the Bethpage Village Restoration) I noticed a large light up in the sky. It was too big to be a light from a plane or helicopter. Even if the plane or helicopter was ten feet overhead, the light could not have been this big. I would compare this light to the size of a small cloud formation. That's how big it was. I ask my friend if he could see the light. He didn't answer. I asked again and he finally said yes. I asked him, "What is that? What is that?" I'm trying to drive the car and look up at the sky at the same time. There was a man in a car tailgating me and was driving extremely close at a very fast rate of speed. He was so close that I couldn't see his headlights. I wanted to pull over to see the light but couldn't because of the speed I was traveling and this man tailgating me. Finally, my friend said, "It's probably a UFO." I said, "You know you're probably right, I bet that is a UFO." As soon as I got to a clearing to see the light, it went out as though someone flipped a switch and the man that was tailgating me turned down the block just before the clearing. I thought the light may have gone behind a cloud but as I drove farther along I could no longer see the light. It should have passed by the clouds if it was above them. Another mile down the road, I saw lights again but they were like pin dots. I knew those lights were definitely a plane since I have seen them before. I said to my friend, "See, those are the size of airplane lights, so the other lights must have been a UFO." I was hesitant to tell anyone about the sighting because I had been telling a few people about some of the things that happen to me. I didn't want them to think I was totally nuts. I finally had to tell someone. So I told a friend at work that I saw strange lights in the sky. She asked me when I saw them and I told her about a week ago. She told me a friend of hers said he heard on the news that a pilot spotted a UFO around the same time I saw the lights.

Not a lot of contact had been made with me since 1997 so I thought they were "done" with me. On Wednesday, January 14, 1998 I joined a Psychotronic Group that meets once a month. Contact has been frequent ever since and I knew it would be which was why I was hesitant to join this group sooner.

On Friday, March 27, 1998, I woke up around 7:00 A.M. with a scar going down my left arm. I thought it was due to the way I was sleeping and forgot about it. I was wearing long sleeves and wasn't paying attention to the scar. At 4:30 P.M. that evening I looked at my arm and most of the scar was still there. By the next day it was gone.

Summer 1999, approximately 8 P.M. I was on AOL and saw a chat room named Remote Viewing. A few months previous, I had read a book that dealt with Remote Viewing (a.k.a. Rv'ing) and the government's involvement with it so I decided to see what this AOL knew about it. His name was Merlin and he was doing research on RV'ing. He had also had a lot of success with other people over the Internet which involved RV'ing. He asked me what I knew about RV'ing and I told him that I read a book about a man who did RV'ing for the government and described, in accurate detail, places that he had never been to. All this man was given was an 8-digit number and he was to describe what he saw. Merlin had heard of the book and said it was about the best ever written about RV'ing. Merlin asked me if I'd like to try a RV and I said sure. He gave me the 8-digit coordinate and I described exactly what I saw. The RV had to do with an accident he had a few months prior. He said my description was absolutely accurate. He wanted to do a few more RV's but I declined since it takes a lot out of me. When I did the RV I had to use my left and right brain at the same time. I was seeing the whole event in my mind's eye, but had to consciously be able to type on the computer to translate what I saw. That isn't easy. A few days later (June 11, 1999) Merlin asked me if I'd like to do another RV. This is where things get a little weird.

June 11, 1999 approximately 8 P.M. Merlin contacted me via an AOL Instant Message (a.k.a. IM) He said that there was a target he wanted me to check on and I said I'd try it. The only thing he told me was the situation that took place. He wanted me to go to Jerome AZ, which is near Sedona. There is a store where copper and mining artifacts are sold. He told me that this store has a tunnel leading down out of the store. He said it might be an old mining tunnel. I was to go down this tunnel and start searching for a woman who was reported missing. She went into this store but was never seen or heard from again. Merlin gave me the coordinates and I began my search. I went down into the tunnel and within a few minutes I saw from a distance a young man approaching me. As he drew closer I could see his features. He had dark hair, about 5' 10" thin and around mid to late twenties. When he realized that I was someone who should not have been down there, he ran off in the direction he came from. I told Merlin I saw someone approaching me and that he ran off. Merlin wanted me to follow him but I got the feeling that this young man was going to report me to people in authority. I told Merlin I didn't want to follow him, I wanted to get on with my mission and I was running out of time. Merlin agreed that was the best thing to do. I continued down the tunnel and saw on either side of me heavy large steel doors. I got a feeling that I was standing outside the room this woman was in. I told Merlin that I think I found her and she was in a room, which I was standing outside of. Merlin told me to go into the room and I did. The room looked like a laboratory and a woman was lying on an examination table. I described the woman to Merlin and he said that it sounded like exact description of the woman reported missing. He asked me to examine her more closely and as I did I heard my computer making funny noises. I was fixated on this image and thinking that I'm going to be booted off AOL any second. I know when I'm going to be booted offline because my CPU starts making those clicking noises. Anyone on AOL knows that this can be a common occurrence. Well, I did get booted off AOL. Usually, when I get booted off AOL, I am still at the AOL screen and I'm able to just type my password and wait to get back online. This time I was not only kicked out of AOL completely, I was looking at my Windows screen and then, my computer was shut off! That has never happened to me! Ever!! My first thought was that someone did not want me down there. I looked but did not touch any of the lines to my computer. Everything looked intact. I simply pushed the button to turn my computer back on and it rebooted perfectly. I then clicked on AOL and waited longer than normal for AOL to reboot and typed my password in. It took about 2 or 3 minutes to get back into AOL. When I finally got in I contacted Merlin immediately. I told him I got booted and he said that it happens all the time. I told him that not only was I booted offline; my computer was shut off for me. The only way I can turn my computer off was to press a button on the side of the computer. I definitely did not touch that button and there was nothing that would have interfered with the button either. He had to admit that he had never heard of anything like that happening. I asked him exactly where he took me because I felt whatever this was had to do with a secret government or something to that effect. He wanted me to go back down there and I said "No way!" I was absolutely not going down there anymore. I felt that they knew I was down there and turned my computer off. As soon as my computer was turned off, so was my connection to this woman and what I was seeing. I told Merlin that the government could read everything you write on the Internet. Merlin confessed to me that the FBI was investigating him and the RV work he was doing. He asked me what I could get psychically from the area and if I knew where this tunnel led. I got the feeling they led all the way to Las Vegas, NV. He said the tunnel would have to be over 100 miles long. I told him that I thought it wasn't impossible.

A year later I was watching a show on the Discovery Channel about secret governments and underground bases. The narrator mentioned that some underground tunnels stretch from Area 51 to Las Vegas NV. Also, the commercial for the Discovery Channel this past summer showed a young man in his mid to late 20's with dark hair, thin, moving (not walking) to a TV screen. This man looked exactly like the young man I saw down in the tunnel. And he moved the same way in the tunnel. There was no way I saw this commercial before I did the RV because I only started watching the Discovery Channel in Dec 1999 when I had a satellite dish installed. I also had a dream in 1997 that featured this same young man.

On Friday, June 5, 1998, I was sitting at my desk at work and looked out the window and saw a black helicopter. I see helicopters often and can follow them as they fly toward the horizon. I turned my head for 3 seconds to tell the girl next to me to look at the black helicopter. It was gone, nowhere to be seen. This thing must have taken off like a rocket.

On Saturday, June 6, 1998, around 9:00 AM, I was working on my computer typing my experiences (which you're reading now) and heard someone jump onto the roof of my house. Then I heard footsteps (4 of them) going up the roof that sounded as though the person was wearing cement shoes. I thought it was a man working on my roof. I looked out the front window for a van but there wasn't one. I then thought it was a squirrel, but the footsteps were too heavy to be that. That was when I started to get nervous. I got the feeling that I was being watched. I was too scared to go outside to see what it was, but I knew I had to. I finally got the courage to go outside to see who or what it was. When I did, I saw absolutely no one on the roof. It seemed as though whatever it was just landed on the roof, not climb up from a ladder. This was a very confusing to me.

On Friday, June 26, 1998, I woke up with another scar on my left arm/wrist. It was about 3 inches long and look like dead discolored skin. I washed it with water but it didn't go away. I finally rubbed the scar under running water and the dead skin came off. It couldn't be a scratch from my cat because the cut would still be fresh and I didn't have any marks before I went to sleep the prior night. This was definitely a cut or incision that had healed overnight.

On Wednesday, November 18, 1998, I left my house in Bellmore at 4:30 PM to go to a psychic fair at a restaurant in Northport that is approximately 20 miles away. It took me an hour to get there during rush hour traffic. The fair ended at 9:45 PM. I talked with my friends for about 10 minutes and we all waited while my friend Corinne started her car (she had battery problems and we wanted to make sure she could start her car). I left the restaurant before Corinne and was making pretty good time. It should have taken me 40 minutes, the most, to get home since traffic was very light. I arrived home at 11:45 P.M. and was amazed that I had gotten home so late. I thought I'd have a half-hour or so to wind down before going to sleep. Instead, I had to get ready for bed immediately because I had work the next day.

I checked for scars and anything abnormal on my body but I could not detect anything unusual except for the missing time. I decided to call Corinne the next day to find out what time we left the restaurant. She told me she couldn't remember exactly when we left but she did know that she got home at 11:30 PM and it takes her a little over an hour to get home from Northport. That means she left around 10:15 PM. I left before she did so that means I left around 10:00 PM or 10:10 PM the latest and should have gotten home at 10:40 PM/10:50 PM or there about but, I got home at 11:45 PM. What happened during that missing time? As a test, I drove back to my house from that restaurant at approximately the same time and it took about 35 minutes to get home.

On Thursday, November 19, 1998, I left work at 4:45 PM and traveled along the Long Island Expressway (LIE) to Old Country Road that has an intersection with a traffic light. About 100 feet from the light I spotted a huge helicopter hovering overhead. I did not see this chopper as I was driving up to the light. It was absolutely impossible for me not to be able to see it beforehand. It seemed to appear out of nowhere. The chopper hovered overhead for about 10 seconds and slowly started moving to the north. I looked out the north side of my car but couldn't see it anymore. I got out of the car to get a better view but it was gone. How could it have flown away so quickly in a matter of seconds? By the way, this service road of the LIE was the same road I traveled the night before (the night of the psychic fair).

On Friday, November 20, 1998, I woke up with extreme pain in the upper palate of my mouth. This pain lasted two days and felt as though there was a circular bump in the roof of my mouth.

Wednesday, June 30, 1999, I woke up suddenly in the early morning (around 4 AM) and felt a stinging sensation on my left butt. I decided to just go back to sleep because I'd be waking up shortly to get ready for work. I woke up again at my regular time and felt the same stinging sensation on my left butt. I was too tired to see what it was so went about my business feeding the cats and getting ready to shower. After showering I applied body lotion to myself and felt that stinging sensation again in the same spot. I decided to look in the mirror to see what it was and noticed and long straight slice about 7 to 8 inches long going from just below my back down my butt. It was red and appeared to be bleeding very slightly. It definitely was a fresh cut. When I got home from work that same day, I looked for a scar but nothing was there, not even a scab from an open wound. It was only a very faint line. By the next day it was hardly noticeable and by the following day (2 days after I noticed the cut) there wasn't a trace. It was as if nothing had happened at all. In the days following I had many helicopter sightings.

Thursday, July 8, 1999, As I was traveling east bound on the Parkway at approximately 8:10 AM I noticed a helicopter hovering to the southeast. This was about 5 miles from my house. I eventually lost contact with it and continued my trip to work. Approximately 8:45 AM I was settling in at work and as I was about to enter information into the computer I notice the same helicopter hovering about 1/2 mile from my office. My office is located about 8 miles from where I noticed the helicopter 1/2 hour earlier. I got distracted and began putting together papers that only took about 20-30 seconds and looked out the window again but the helicopter was gone.

Friday, July 9, 1999, Witnessed 2 black helicopters flying one after the other at a very low altitude. They were both heading east. On my way home from work that day approximately 5:15 PM traveling west on the parkway I saw a white helicopter heading north and about 50 feet down the parkway another helicopter was flying south.

Sunday, July 11, 1999, Heard and saw approximately a dozen helicopters in one day! The most ever! I'm not sure what this means or why there are more helicopters in the sky over Long Island then ever before, but I have a feeling it has to do with UFO activity. On more than one occasion they have hovered over my house. If they were doing tests, I don't understand why they don't do these tests over the water; there is plenty of it around Long Island.

Monday, December 6, 1999, 5:30PM. I came home from work, changed clothes and noticed that I had a 7-inch slice/scar on my left breast. It ran from the top of my breast, down the left breast toward the left side of my body. Sort of at an angle. I was shocked because I don't remember anything unusual happening to me at work during the day or on the ride home. It was not a mark made by my bra because it was at a different angle. When I changed for bed that night, it was still there. And when I woke up the next morning I checked the scar and it was still there but was starting to fade. By Wednesday morning, it was barely visible.

Thursday, June 15, 2000, 4:30 P.M. I had my first sighting. It occurred near my office. My office building is all glass from floor to ceiling. I was sitting at my desk and noticed a black object to my left. It looked like it was traveling west but it was actually hovering in one spot. It began to move extremely slowly in an E to NE direction. It was cigar shaped and looked as though the atmosphere was moving in a circle around it (like a vortex). I couldn't tell the altitude of the UFO but it was pretty high up. It definitely was NOT an airplane or helicopter. It was a cloudy, gray, day and looked as though it was going to rain. I see airplanes and helicopters pass by my office every day and this was not either of those. Besides I've never seen air circle around an airplane or helicopter. Within an hour from the time I got home, a helicopter was circling my house for a few minutes. It came from an easterly direction circled my house 2 times and headed north.

I tried to report this sighting to several web sites. The first web site was unsuccessful. After I finished filling out the form, I clicked the button to send the information and got an error message that there was no such web address. I then copied the information and paste it into the body of an email. I again got a message that there was no such email address. I finally, copied the report and sent it via the US postal service with a note to notify me when they received the letter. I've never received any confirmation. The note also said that I believed the letter would not reach its destination. I don't think it did.

The next UFO sighting report was also typed into a web site but this one was more detailed. It took me about 20 minutes to fill out the form. As soon as I got to the last few questions, I heard a helicopter coming my way. It passed by my house from the east and then turned around and passed by my house from the west and turned around again and passed my house from the east. Then another helicopter joined the first one. They were both flying back and forth with the intention of annoying me. My computer was going crazy at this point too. I thought I was definitely going to be bumped off AOL. And I knew the 2 helicopters were going to be the cause of it. They finally left and I finished the form. As I hit the enter key to transmit the report, I got an error message that said there was no such web site address. I was able to copy and paste the report onto the body of an email and send it that way. I have not gotten word as to whether or not they received my report though.


The first Wednesday in January 1978 my father told me to quit my job because I'd be working for the company he worked for on the following Monday. I'm omitting the name because it's a government contractor. He's worked for government contractors since he got out of the Navy. The first weird thing about this job was that I never even had an interview with the person to whom I was to report to. This company was the type of company that did a thorough job search on their employees, so to be hired without an interview was strange to me. So I gave my current employer my resignation. They were not happy about it since I only gave them 2 day's notice but I had no choice. I was to work for this new company and that was that. The Sunday night before I was to report to my new job, my father told me that I was not allowed to tell anybody what I did there. I was not to tell anybody what I saw, what I heard or what was said. Everything was top secret. I promised not to say anything to anyone. Quite frankly, none of my friends cared. We were more interested in Rock music and having a good time. My job was the last thing we thought about. The second weird thing about this job was once I started, i slowly began to lose touch with all my long time friends and only hung around the people at my new job. After the first week at the new job, I could tell that my manager did not like me which brings me to the third weird thing that happened. One night just before closing time, she called me into her office. She told me that my typing skills were not that good and that if she had her way, she would have never have hired me. She said, "I didn't want to hire you but "they" made me hire you." That blew me away! I told her my typing would improve and that I hadn't typed in a long time since I didn't need to type at my last job. As I drove home, I kept thinking, "Who are "they"?" I never told my father what my manager said but my typing did get much faster the following week. Besides any time he asked me how the job was and I told him, he'd say, "Just shut up and do what you're told." I could never understand why he'd ask about my job if he didn't want to hear. I eventually left that job and oddly enough (the fourth weird thing that happened), I reunited with the friends that I lost touch with during the time at the government contracting job.That job was strange all around and I could feel a very negative energy there. I just didn't like that place.

I also worked for that same company that Preston Nichols (author of The Montauk Project) worked for. That was another company with a very heavy negative energy. I didn't like that place either. The one thing I've noticed about government contracting agencies is that when you're first hired they love you. Once they're finished with you, they could care less about you and can't wait for you to leave. It's as though it's run by psychotics and not a place I like to be.

A strange thing happened when I was in the 3rd grade. It happened at the end of the day while my teacher was teaching Social Studies. All of a sudden she stopped teaching and said, "Everyone get up one after the other and tell the class what your father does for a living." I was thinking, "I don't even know what my father does for a living since everything is top secret." I decided to just say he was an engineer. I thought I had heard him say something about that at one time so I figured I'd go with that one. When it came to my turn I said he was an engineer but didn't really know what engineers did. I thought I'd gotten away with it until I got home. As soon as I walked through the door my mother yelled at me. "Why are you telling people that your father is an engineer?" I said I didn't know what he did and I had to come up with something. (Don't forget, I was eight years old at the time). She told me the next time someone asks me what my father does just tell them he does such and such (to this day, I can't remember exactly what she said). I couldn't believe that my teacher "knew" my father wasn't an engineer and that she had to call my mother as soon as school ended. Why did she care what my father did for a living? Why did she have to get me into trouble? Why was it her business and what was her reason for doing this? The whole thing was very strange and made me think for many years that people (adults in particular) wanted to mess with my mind. Damned if I do, damned if I don't.





My Mystical Experiences
I remember my christening party. My mother kept me in a white bassinet with wheels that was placed up against the wall along the stairway. I remember hearing my Aunts and Uncles having a great time drinking and eating. I also remember all of them at different times during the party looking into my bassinet and saying, "Hi Debbie" and thinking to myself that these people seem very familiar to me but I couldn't place them. I verified these events with my mother 40 years later and she was amazed that I could tell her everything that happened at that party. I also remembered them telling their youngest brother Joey that he was late as usual and that he would be late for his own funeral.

The reason I asked my mother about that party was because there was an incident when I was about a year and 1/2 old that involved an "invisible friend". Her name was Suzie and she had blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. She would visit me and we would play with the stuffed animals in my bassinet. My mother would get angry at me for throwing the toys out of the bassinet. I would tell her that I didn't do it, Suzie did it which would get her even more mad. She told me there is no such thing as Suzie and to stop lying. I remember being very confused by this because I could touch her. I talked to her. She was a real to me as anyone I've met in my waking life. One day, Suzie came to play and wanted to throw the toys out of the bassinet. I told her not to because I'd be yelled at. Suzie got mad and left and I never saw her again after that. Thirty eight years later, a new girl was hired at the company I work for. We became friends instantly. On my 40th birthday, some of my business colleagues threw a party for me and had confetti shaped like the number 40. They were throwing them at me and the new girl came by to see what was happening. She picked up some of the confetti and threw them at me. The way she threw them was exactly like Suzie threw the toys out of the bassinet 40 years ago. I was in shock because all the memories of that time came flooding back to me. It was then I realized it was her. By the way, the new girl on the job was named Suzie (that's what she likes to be called and is the way she spells it) and she has blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. The next day I told her my story and she believed it. I asked her if she was a little devil when she was young and always got into trouble. She admitted she was and I told her I knew that because she got me into trouble all the time when she used to visit me. It turns out that she is 1 1/2 years younger than me. We have alot of things in common. We were both born on the 26th day of the month. We both have a younger brother who is messed up on alcohol and drugs. And, we both have fathers who worked for government contractors. She lived on the West coast, I lived on the East coast. She is also into metaphysical and psychic phenomena.

Around the age of 22, I worked in a restaurant part time. I had to work on New Year's Eve night which was the busiest time of the year. A snow storm began and turned into a blizzard. I was not aware of a snow storm at all. We finished around 1:30 AM and I got my car started and let the engine warm up for a while before starting home. I got three miles from the restaurant when the car just died. I knew I'd never make it home because the snow was up to my knees and I had a good 5 mile walk. I decided to try my luck hitching a ride. No sooner did I get out of my car but a big car pulled up in front of my car. A man and woman in their 40's asked me if I needed a ride. I jumped in the car immediately. They said they saw me having problems with my car which I thought was strange because I had only just pulled the car over to the side of the road when they pulled up 15 seconds later. They asked me where I lived and I told them that if they could take me as far as they could, I would walk the rest of the way because the weather was bad and I didn't want to put them out. They wouldn't hear of it so I told them where I lived. They said that they also lived in that town and asked what street I lived on. I told them the street and they said they lived two blocks over. I thought they were just saying that so I didn't feel bad about them going out of their way. On the way home they said they had a son who was a couple of years older than me and asked if I knew him, but I didn't. The strange part of the ride was that the man and woman were talking to one another but I couldn't hear what they were saying. It was as though they were talking in muffled tones. I was only a couple of feet away so there is no way I could not have heard them. I finally gave up trying to figure out what they were saying. We finally got to my house but they knew instinctively where I lived. I just told them the name of the street, not the address. I said good-bye and thanked them for the ride. They just smiled and took off. I stood there trying to figure out what just happened. I felt I had a strange experience but couldn't figure out what was strange about it. Now I realize that they were probably my guardian angels. I've read that guardian angels often help people stranded or in trouble on the road.

I had a cat named Fluffy who was hit and killed by a car when he was 12 years old. He was like a child to me and it took a long time to get over his death. But, years after his death I still feel his presence around the house. I eventually got another cat named Rocky who likes to sleep with me. A few times when I was reading in bed I thought I heard Rocky jump on the bed but when I looked to see where he was, he wasn't there. I knew it had to be Fluffy paying a visit. I could actually hear and feel the mattress move as he walked up from the foot of the bed to the pillow. (That's where he used to sleep at night). Fluffy also used to sit on the kitchen chair and watch me cook. One Thanksgiving, I was busy getting dinner ready and saw Rocky sitting in the chair that Fluffy used to sit on. He seemed to be content so I got back to preparing the food. A few minutes later, I heard him jump off the chair. I turned to see where he was going and saw him turn the corner to go down the hall (or so I thought). As I turned around, there was Rocky on the chair looking at me with his eyes opened so wide I thought they would pop out. Then I knew it had to be Fluffy again paying a visit. I asked Rocky, "Who was that?" He just kept looking at me as if to say "What was that all about?" I told him that it was probably Fluffy paying a Thanksgiving dinner visit. Rocky seemed to understand what I said and didn't look frightened anymore. He went back to sleep. Fluffy must have been in the same spot that Rocky was in when he jumped off the chair which I found strange. Fluffy has been coming back to visit me with frequent visits occurring in my dreams.

In 1985, I taught myself how to meditate and took a Past Life Regression course. I don't suggest meditating by yourself, you have to know what you're doing because strange things can happen. You can bring in a lot of different energies, some of them can be dark. Although I became very good at meditation (I could actually hear and control the rhythm of my heart beat and feel my spirit lift away from my body), something happened to me one night that was very frightening. I was lying in bed, the light was on and I shut my eyes for only a few seconds (my eyes were burning I wasn't tired) when I heard someone trying to open the front door. I knew it was a male presence. He unlocked the door and proceeded to walk through the kitchen, down the hall and into my bedroom. I could hear the difference in sound as he walked from the hard floor of the kitchen to the carpeted hallway. He walked very slowly and I could hear coins jingling in his pocket. I didn't get scared until he turned inside my bedroom because I knew he was there to kill me. He walked within 4 feet of the bed and stood there staring at me. I was absolutely frozen with fear. I couldn't move. The strange thing was that I didn't realize the shift in consciousness after I closed my eyes. It happened so fast I thought that what was occurring was real. I wouldn't look at him but I heard someone tell me to look straight into his eyes in order to control the situation and get rid of him. When I did he said, "Hi" then smiled and vanished. I noticed he was holding an axe. The room began to get blurry and dark and I realized my eyes were closed. I didn't open them right away because I was trying to understand what just happened. I opened my eyes very slowly not knowing what to expect. I noticed nothing except that the room was exactly what it looked like before I closed my eyes to relieve the burning sensation. I was extremely confused and tried to remember everything that just occurred. The man was a dark figure, approximately 6 feet tall wearing a dark suit, but I couldn't make out his facial features (only his teeth when he smiled). For weeks after this, all I did was think about this strange occurrence. I realized that this experience happened before but I couldn't remember when. I figured I was probably so frightened that I just blocked it from my mind. A few months later he visited me again and I went through the same feelings of fear. This time I was lying in the other direction, but that didn't stop him. He came around the bed and stood in front of me with a rope/noose. Once again he smiled at me when I looked right at him and said, "Hi" then vanished. I was able to stop this with help from friends. We did something to stop him from coming into my house. For weeks afterwards, I would hear him trying to open the door and when that wouldn't work, he'd bang on the window of the bedroom. He was very persistent for quite a while. Finally, he realized he couldn't get in anymore so he stopped coming around.

Eight years later, my next door neighbor, Marge, asked me if I heard a loud noise in the back of my house. She said she and her husband heard glass breaking and thought someone was breaking into my house. When they went outside to look, nothing was wrong. I told her it was probably ghosts. She looked at me with her eyes wide opened and said, "Debbie, don't laugh. I'm going to tell you something and you'll probably think I'm crazy." I told her I've heard and seen just about everything. She told me that when her daughter was young, a man used to come into her room at night. When her daughter told her about the man she didn't believe her and thought she was just dreaming. One night, the man came into her room. She described him to me and it was the exact description of the man that used to visit me. She said he stood there looking at her and she was frightened to death, then he vanished. She looked at me with a smile and said, "Now you're going to think I'm crazy. Right?" I told her that I didn't think she was crazy because he came to visit me a few times too. She said, "Oh my, you poor thing. You live all alone. What did you do?" I told her about the white light and if you protect yourself and your surroundings, nothing can happen to you. She said her daughter told her the same thing. Marge thought that this man was the previous owner of her house. She said he was killed in a car accident on the way home from the airport.

I've had other dreams that were very prophetic. In one I saw myself as a 13 year old playing with my girlfriend Pam and her brother Robert who lived across the street from my when I was younger. We were playing a board game at her parents in the enclosed porch. This actually happened and I wondered why I went back to the time we really did this. Then I woke up. I began to get ready for work when the phone rang. It was Pam. She told me her brother Robert just passed away and she had just gotten the news. I told her how sorry I was to hear that and since she was very upset and had to call other people, we said our goodbyes. But, I was not surprised at all by her news because of the dream I had. I knew he was at peace and had a strong bond with her. For some reason he and I connected at the time of his life review because the dream was exactly what I had remembered when the three of us played the board game. A year later I told her about the dream and it seemed to bring her comfort in knowing he was OK. She told me that she felt his presence around her after his death, so it seems as though we all connected.

My readings come from my connection with my Spirit Guide, I'm just the messenger. I decided one day to find out what her name was so I used an Ouija board, but I didn't know if it would really work with just one person. It actually did work very well. She told me her name is Helen Biddle and was hung for witchcraft around the 1560's. When I hear someone calling me, I know it's her. I never knew witches were hung, I thought they were burned at the stake. I did some research and found that they were, in fact, hung. Usually when I'm having difficulty with a particular problem in my life, I'll ask Helen to give me the answer in a dream. She usually does around 5 minutes before I wake up.

One time I asked Helen what to do about my back problem. Five minutes before I woke up, I found myself in a room, lying on a massage table. Helen was standing up holding my left foot and explaining to me that I had to apply pressure in the arch of my foot. There was another woman standing to Helen's right. She was a little overweight with long, curly red hair. I woke up and realized Helen was talking about reflexology. I went to the bookstore to locate a book on reflexology. There was a picture of the sole of a foot with different points and what they refer to. The arch of the foot where she was pressing is exactly the point to relieve lower back pain. i wasn't surprised.

A few month later I made an appointment with a reflexologist and when I met her she was exactly the woman in my dream. She asked me questions about my health and why I decided to use this form of healing. I told her that my Spirit Guide told me to do this. She seemed to understand and thought my dream was pretty amazing.

Another O.B.E. I had during sleep began when I watched a public T.V. program about the Hubble Telescope. It showed how scientists had to go through a year of training before they could go out to space to fix the telescope. There was a cameraman filming the entire event and he panned over to the Earth. I thought, "I'd like to be there to see what the Earth looks like from space." I knew that would never happen. Months later, what seemed like 5 minutes before I woke up, I was out there in space. I was looking at the Earth from the perspective of the moon. It was beautiful and felt so real. When I wanted to move to another position, all I had to do was think about it and I'd be there. Helen was to my right and told me that time was up and we had to go. I told her I had to do one thing before we left and she said "O.K." I wanted to give healing light to the Earth and I did. I told her I finished what I had to do and immediately woke up. It was one of the most amazing experiences I have had with Helen. What I learned from the O.B.E. was that the Earth is actually a living organism and even though it's made up of rocks and soil, it has a spirit just like we do.

In the summer of 1995 I saw a ghost. He wasn't the type of ghost that you could see through. I was coming from the store and as I turned the corner to my house, I saw an elderly man in his 60's sitting in a car on the passenger side with the window closed. He was just sitting in the car staring straight ahead. The car belonged to a girl who was dating the guy across the street from me. The window on the driver's side was opened. It was extremely hot for weeks and was about 95 degrees that day. I thought that he must be suffocating in the car with the window up, but he wasn't even sweating. I pulled into the driveway, got out of the car and looked over at him, wondering how he could sit in that hot car. He was still staring as if in a trance. I went into the house to wait for my friend to finish cutting the grass (he passed by the car many times) because we had to go shopping. As I pulled out of the driveway I said. "What happened to the old guy that was sitting in the car?" He said, "What old guy? There was no old guy in that car." I told him that he was sitting perfectly still in the car. He said he was walking back and forth near the car for over 15 minutes and saw no one in that car. I realized that only I could see the old man and felt that he was probably her maternal grandfather watching over her. I just let the subject drop.

In 1997, I attended a metaphysical meeting whereby we were going to meet our angels. I had already experienced a meditation like that so I was basically going along for the "ride". By the end of the meditation I saw a being coming toward me. I realized it was Jesus and I felt Him actually move through me and as He did he recited Isaiah 61:1-2. Then the meditation was over and I just sat there, stunned. I couldn't believe Jesus actually came to me and walked through me. People have told me it was just my imagination but I believe He came to me for a reason. And that reason is to begin healing people at full force which is what I've been doing ever since.

My dream about a spiritual connection I have to Dave

I haven't had too many other mystical experiences, but I will update this page as the spirits come to me.