The Hidden Faults and Secret Vices of Your Lovers


Most astrology books tell you the most positive qualities of the sun signs. Here is the other side of the picture. Understand that not everyone has only positive or negative traits, we all have a little of both. But I think you'll find that when you have a problem with your mate, the characteristics below will probably be close to accurate.

Aries - The Egomaniac
There is a tremendous burst of power and love is at its peak when the affair is new, this tends to diminish the further the affair progresses. In the beginning he can be the ideal lover, but at the end there is resentment and hate. There can be no tests of his love or demands from the loved one. He is the master and the game must be played by his rules. When an Aries female's lover tries to take the upper hand, she will dismiss him as difficult and overbearing. She will go from one man to another, comparing and testing them to decide which one she can handle with the greatest ease. Her satisfaction depends on how much the man is capable of giving her and rarely considers her own contribution to the affair. Faithfulness is not a concept she understands.

Taurus - The Insensitive Bully
The Taurus man will always choose someone inferior to himself who is willing to serve him in some way - a kind of servant to wait on him, to be useful in helping him advance his career. Many choose not to fall in love but rather have their freedom to pursue their career. They are practical in love above all else. The Taurus female only has marriage in mind. She charmingly and quietly beguiles and seduces a man into marriage and then proceeds to strip him bare of all his worldly goods, abandoning him the moment his pockets are empty. She will use her earthly sexual powers which can be considerable to make a good marriage, repeating the process as often as necessary to satisfy her greed. Taurians hate to talk about love, most of all when a verbal commitment is expected of them. They can never avow their love with a full heart, always fearing that they will be victimized. Taurus cannot bring himself to tell his loved one how much he cares. He is a clumsy lover, knowing he can not be tender. Taurus will deliberately avoid a delicate emotional situation lest his awkwardness and his inability to deal with it become apparent.

Gemini - The Divine Discontent
When Gemini falls in love, he is overwhelmed with feelings of indecision and confusion. Love is always viewed in the abstract. This idea of love enables them to avoid clutter of physical and emotional ties; preferring to carry on an affair through letters or telephone than in physical fact. A typical affair may begin through a brief journey or meeting - an encounter that requires very little emotional responsibility. It can be kept alive through correspondence which may last for years. This allows them to remain uncommitted and free for Gemini prizes freedom. They can be impatient in the sexual act and would rather be voyeurs rather than participants. No single partner can meet their needs and they can carry on more than one affair at a time. Their pleasure in love is mental rather than physical and thus they welcome the secret affair where meetings are difficult and mental torment is intense.

Cancer - The Oedipal Complainer
The male Cancer falls in love readily and becomes involved emotionally. He tends to dramatize his love affairs and can even create and intense emotional attachment to someone whose affection for him is either slight or nonexistent. Cancer is extremely jealous and possessive always believing his lover is faithless. This is a direct threat to his masculinity, reverting to helplessness and impotence. It takes little to reassure him and once his self-confidence returns he will be caught up again in complete devotion and the cycle begins again. The female Cancer who can be as jealous as her counterpart is capable of handling more than one lover, but being possessive, she must own them all. They are like playthings to her, to be manipulated and moved about like toy soldiers. She will drain the purse of each and every lover. They are complainers and never stop crying and pleading for money and gifts like spoiled children. They shop constantly filling their closets with clothes they never wear, accumulating lovers whose emotional commitments they collect but rarely reciprocate. Their appetite for food is similar and they will eat gluttonously all day. They confuse love with an emotional hunger for attention and sensual satisfaction.

Leo - The Prima Donna
Leo is very dramatic about love and wants the whole world to love as ardently as he does, for he is always in love. Love enables Leo and makes him generous and enthusiastic. But he must keep his lover in the dependent position and will smolder if he is not adored. Leo women will browbeat or cruelly abuse their lovers to get total obedience. To Leo love is a great ideal, to be dramatized and honored. He will occasionally employ deviate, degrading sexual practices as a sign that the lover is no longer loved, that the affair is over. He will expect the lover to become disgusted and to leave him; he will not take the initiative to end the affair on his own. Leo women use the same device. Leo hates open argument and will not lower himself to fight. An unwanted lover is simply dismissed. Leo males will attract women as if they are sirens while the females will control and disdainfully reign over their men. It takes Leo a long time to recover from a serious love affair; in fact he will try to avoid this kind of love so that he cannot become vulnerable to another's power. When he has committed himself fully and generously, as he will, and then he loses, he will become aloof and distant until his confidence is regained. Leo believes he is the only one who knows how to love and thus he feels he deserves all the attention he can get.

Virgo - The Censor
When Virgo falls in love it is purely for sex. The lover must be able to satisfy Virgo's considerable sexual needs. Each new image arouses sexual desire, but so long as you can remain sexually attractive to Virgo, you will retain his love. The slower you are in yielding your gifts, the longer you can keep the affair alive. Nothing is more unattractive to him than easy surrender, which stamps you as cheap and worthless. Virgo can be either chaste or promiscuous, one extreme or the other. There are many spinsters, one-man women, and confirmed bachelors in this sign, but there are also the chasers who frequent bars or pickup joints in the search of a one-night stand. This type can be quite degenerate in his sexual appetites. Despite this, Virgo ranks lowest on the scale of sexual prowess. He is not romantic except as the chase itself is romantic. Sex is something to be done as quickly and efficiently as possible. When Virgo says he loves you and behaves in a jealous manner, do not be flattered. This usually simply means that you are serving some useful role for them and are considered a piece of their property. Anyone who tries to lure you away is depriving Virgo of a useful tool - no more. For both male and female Virgos, true love is not involved; they are never tender or sympathetic unless there is something they cannot get without showing affection.

Libra - The Narcissist
Librans work hard to keep lovers coming and going. At first they will give you constant attention until you are completely involved but soon the demands of keeping up the love affair will become too much for them and you will become part of the background. Librans will never relinquish their lovers completely, for they may be needed again. The primary function of a lover is to amuse, satisfy, admire, and exalt Libra, and if you are easily won, the excitement is blunted. If Libra is rejected, he becomes completely demoralized; he cannot believe that anyone could weary of him, though he does nothing to deserve love. Yet even when sorrowful, Libra will immediately seek to dispel the blow by filling the environment with new people - or will revive his original charm until you surrender. In failure, he is without pride, and nothing will compel him to look within himself for any failing. Librans are very competitive and will often scheme to humiliate their loved ones. It is a shock to learn that Libra can be spiteful, for he seems so blandly unaware of his offenses to others. Librans have a fascination with sex and require a great deal of stimulation to become aroused. The sexual act itself can be a nuisance and though all sorts of methods may be employed to arouse and be aroused, there is often little personal interest or involvement. Because Libras gives so little real emotional commitment to a lover, it is not surprising that they like to talk about their affairs. By comparing and weighing the attitudes of themselves and their lovers, they can remain uninvolved and even dissipate whatever interest they may have had in the loved one. Libra likes orderly endings to love affairs. This is to their advantage because, they may need to call on the deserted lover at a later date.

Scorpio - The Sex-Obsessed Demoralizer
A Scorpio male is too practical about human relationships to fall deeply in love; his real love is power and making his reputation secure through wealth and position. Whatever is left over will be given to a lover. Both male and females are always discontented in love and complain constantly about the loved one, usually they are not loved sufficiently. A Scorpio often feels that his lover is weak and inattentive, and unable to appease Scorpio's voracious appetite. Scorpio does not hesitate to tell the world about his lover's weaknesses, but if the lover is unwise enough to expose Scorpio's inadequacies, he would be making a costly mistake. For a love affair to run smoothly, Scorpio's loved one must be submissive with no life of his or her own; the lover must allow himself to be absorbed body and soul. But no matter how much is given, the lover will always be treated ungratefully. Scorpio has no interest in his partner's responses or satisfactions, only in his own, for Scorpio is the most selfish sexual sign. His famous sexual appetite is like his eating habits - greedy and intense. He cannot be distracted from his own pleasure during the sex act, otherwise he will fail to achieve climax. This points up the fact that Scorpio is really weak and lacks sexual strength. This may be because they give so much thought to their sexual obsessions that their energy is dissipated by the time the real thing comes along. For the Scorpio woman, sex is treated as if it were a job to be done, nothing more or less. She does not have to love a man to sleep with him; there is no real tenderness or affection expressed during the sexual act. The extreme sexual attractiveness that Scorpios have is powerful, they are physically as well as mentally magnetic. Both male and female love to quarrel, which is an important part of lovemaking. Fighting seems to stimulate them, the atmosphere they create seems to make things exciting for them. Scorpios resent needing others to satisfy them, and this results in hostility and anger, a passion to degrade or demoralize the loved one.

Sagittarius - The Don Juan
Sagittarians fall in love at first sight and idolize the image of their loved one. From then on, they are making love to an ideal, rather than a real person. Even when they are in love, they can easily fall in love with another, for there is always some new feature to attract them. They are incorrigible flirts and each new conquest reinforces their behavior - but they never know when to stop. They collect lovers indiscriminately, often becoming involved on impulse with worthless people. They are unreliable lovers, most of their energy is devoted to courting a new lover, while keeping the rest dangling on a thin thread. Their light, tentative touch simply reflects their emotional shallowness, although it is attractive to many people. The fear of intense lovers who might trap them has taught Sagittarians to use the device of treating the lover as an idol, so that they can maintain a distance and prevent close involvement. Because of their Don Juan mania to conquer all, they rarely become completely committed in a pure, deep love affair. Sagittarius is too shallow, irresponsible, and romantic to be truly emotional. But he cannot tolerate inconstancy in others; he is conceited enough to believe that a lover will continue to love him forever, though the lover may be neglected or even forgotten. Sagittarius is not cruel but foolish. They cannot endure an intense sexual relationship, preferring to sample here and there. The sexual act is not as important as the courtship; in fact, they have many lovers to hide the fact that sexually they are second rate. Sagittarians never grow up.

Capricorn - The Honor Seeker
Capricorn does care a great deal about love, which is often a source of inspiration to him. Capricorn is probably the best sexual performer of the zodiac, though his quiet manner and desire for privacy often hides this considerable talent from view. Both males and females seek a mate who is capable of fulfilling their voracious sexual appetites, which occupy much of their attention. Capricorn males select their lovers with great care; they are not flirts in any sense of the word and do not like to waste time in searching for a lover. They know by instinct when they have found the right partner. The sexual act is often a kind of ritual for them, not simply the fulfillment of a need or a form of release. He expects and is capable of quality lovemaking; seeking to achieve total satisfaction for both himself and his partner through his innate desire for the highest form of sexual love. Because they take time in finding the suitable lover, they remain faithful and rarely end an affair or marriage. They have much to give a lover; silly, romantic, gestures bore them. If they are deceived or abandoned, they will usually turn their energy to their career and become very difficult to deal with on a personal level. They can be contemptuous of anyone who refuses or mistreats their love. If they do not find the right sexual partner or mate, they care for no one who is not useful in furthering their ambitions. The female Capricorn is the most unfortunate woman of the zodiac. She too seeks to be exalted in love, but because she tends to select men whose ambitions she must support, she is never truly satisfied. She is more generous than her male counterpart, but is rarely lucky in love. If unattached, she is usually involved in her own ambitions. She can be cold and scheming, using her sexual power to seduce men and get control of them. As both male and female are masters of lovemaking, so are they masters at hating. One of their favorite ways to show hate is to curse people.

Aquarius - The Fame Freak
One cannot expect a smoothly running love affair with an Aquarian, who will become bored with a lover as quickly as he falls in love. Everything is done in extremes. Relationships will start off with a bang, and you will be given undivided attention until the excitement wears off. At that point you will be dropped without ceremony if the initial feeling can never be revived. You will be treated like a stranger as soon as the affair is over unless you are clever enough to transform the relationship into a friendship. The male makes a better friend than a lover. The female is domineering and likes to run the affair, making all the rules. She can be a heartless virago, pressuring the man into submission until not a shred of his self-respect is left. If he manages to escape her, she will be prideless and masochistic in pursuing him until he returns. Perversely, she will find the lover more precious if he does not want her. Aquarians concentrate on one lover at a time until they become tired. They do not like to take the responsibility for ending an affair but if the lover doesn't get the hint, they will provoke a quarrel or create an impossible situation so that the lover will have to leave. Both male and female grow to hate any lover who wants them more than they want the lover. Remember, treat an Aquarian badly, disappoint him, break appointments, keep your emotions hidden - they will be captivated.

Pisces - The Spiritual Panhandler
Pisceans need the constant reassurance of love. They become hurt and dejected if those around them fail to make frequent loving gestures. They get love mixed up with affection - and affection is what they really crave. Fuss over them, and their gratitude can be embarrassingly servile and effusive. Do not be too flattered when you are singled out by a Piscean, for he will cling to whomever is nearest to him. Pisceans long for love, hunger for friends, and will set about claiming you for their own. It is not necessarily you they want, however; it is the romantic atmosphere of love that sets their emotional craving into action. When they do find someone to love, they will demand enough attention to discourage even the most patient admirer. They will pretend they are not worthy of your love to elicit reassurance, but this is play-acting, an illusion they conjure up. Piscean men choose women who have money or a social position, someone who will support them in their profession. They do not mind a domineering woman, in fact, she suits them. They find security in a strong woman; demanding lovers and nagging wives give them the constant attention they need. They are the original milquetoasts. They can be lied to or deceived but will continue to go on loving an unfaithful woman; it makes her all the more precious if she is desired by other men. This is a narcissistic kind of love. Pisces men are not exciting sexually, they are very passive, almost female in the act. Sex is not important to them, for they do not often have enough energy to perform. They dissipate what energy they have in emotional experiences. Pisceans are often drinkers and many have become drug addicts which gives them a route into their fantasy world. The females are just as clinging as the men, even more so. Their methods are subtle, quiet, and unassuming; they will send out a smokescreen to hide the fact that they are leeches, exploiting their lovers. They need lovers or husbands who will assume full responsibility in caring for them, so that they can be free to drift through their aimless lives. The Pisces woman does not necessarily care for the man she pursues, but she considers it a threat to her femininity if a man passes her up or eludes her attention. Pisces woman must prove they are desirable. Once they win, they will slide back into their emotional swamp, frightened at what may be expected of them, unable to maintain the charade. Pisces woman do not see what is wrong with their own faithlessness.