Secret Societies

The Power of Vril

The Vril Society is considered to be one of the most interesting secret societies that ever existed. It was sometimes called the Luminous Lodge and thrived after WWI.
What the Vril Society concerned itself with and actually accomplished has been one of the best guarded secrets in the field of Ufology.
The "V" in the word Vril is the symbol of an inverted pyramid and denotes excellence or power. "RI" signifies the ruling principle and "L" equates to El or God as in Elohim. Therefore, Vril signifies the power of God through the ruling principle of the pyramid.
The name of the ancient mother tongue was known as Vril. It is a more basic core language than the Enochian, the language of the Angels. Before humans evolved the organs of speech, they activated their intention through a vestigial organ in the body located midway between the heart and throat. This organ is similar to animal mesmerism and is a direct tie to the etheric properties of the spirit. Our ancestors activated their will through this organ by the principles of vibration. Language was actually a de-evolvement from a unified consciousness. If you gently massage this "vril spot" and focus upon your true will, you will activate that aspect of yourself. The vril corresponds to the true will of the individual and is the same as Allah.
Vril, as a speaking mechanism, is the ancient language of creation. It is composed of 72 tonal signals deriving from a single monochord. This number equates to the 72 Keys of Enoch or the 72 Keys of Solomon.

Thule Society

Centuries prior to Islam, Allah was referred to as "Tualla" which is similar to the name Thule. The Thule Society is a German secret brotherhood and Thule is the capital city of Hyperborea, the land beyond the poles. As it is beyond the poles, Hyperborea is positioned as being outside this dimension. Thule, being in the center, is positioned as the source of all life on Earth. The Earth itself geometrically unfolds from a void in the center. This void has been recognized by many ancient groups as the Black Sun. Thule is synonymous with this Black Sun.
The Black Sun was actually a secret society within the Thule Society. It was senior to other societies. In fact the initials "SS" do not represent what people commonly think (Schutzstaffel or guard detachment). It actually means Schwarze Sonne or Black Sun. Not every soldier was a member but what it was meant for was a coded message whenever it was displayed. The Nazis were magically attempting to invoke the hidden power of the Black Sun itself.

The Thule Society concerned itself with the Teutonic lore and sacred knowledge of the Elder race. As a group they were not relegated to Germany. In 1945, there was a meeting of Thulists from all over the world at a secret base in Arctic Canada, designated as Point 103. There were Tibetan monks, other orientals, East Indians, Arabs, a full blooded Mexican native,officers of the U.S. military and others. All of them believed in the basic tenets of Thule and their lineage could be traced back through time.
The most interesting thing about Point 103 is that the leaders claimed to be in telepathic contact with a mystical source that is the center of positive forces on the planet.

The Bon Religion

Bon was introduced to Tibet in 5 B.C. when massive migration from NE Persia into Tibet took place. The Bon religion was based upon the concept of the goddess as recognized in the symbolism of the Black Sun (the void of creation from which all things originate.

More about the Bons Buddhism - The Bon Religion

The Mon

The Mon occupied southeast Asia, primarily in Cambodia and Thailand, but they are not indigenous to the area. It is not certain whether they migrated from China or another area altogether. They are considered to be the keepers of the original religion of the region and have what is sometimes called the own "Mon" religion.
Although the Mons are credited with being the religious invigorators of the area it is suspected that they originated in Tibet. The Mon people still exist today, but information about them remains obscure. They are not huge in number nor is there much data on their history or current status. But, they are undisputed as the senior religious connection in the region and reach back into antiquity.
R.A. Stein had said that the inhabitants of Tibet were once known as the "Mom". This went back as far as the time of the first kings in the 6th to 7th century. The "Mon" came from the south, east, west and other areas of Tibet. It was a term that referred to many of the indigenous aboriginal tribes. This not only answers the mystery to the origin of the people from Southeast Asia, it reveals the geographic association between the Bons and Mons. The Bons encompassed an ancient legacy that preceded themselves. The Mon had roots that went further back than that. Both were indigenous people with the Bon appearing to derive from the Mon.
Mon is a secret name for hidden god. Usually described by non-initiates as Amon or Amon Ra of the Egyptians, Mon is the ruler of the unseen processes of life, both positive and negative. We pay tribute to Mon every time we end a prayer by saying "amen".
Amon Ra was well known as the sun god of the Egyptians, but his secret counterpart, Mon, was the designation for the hidden sun, known throughout as the Black Sun.

The Blue Race

There is an ancient oral tradition concerning a race of blue skinned people who were not originally indigenous to this planet. This race corresponds to the Elder Race from Mars. The blue quality of their skin was akin to the dark blue color you see in a human vein.
This oral tradition was handed down to the Aryan Race with stories about blue skinned deities. The god Krishna was depicted with blue skin (an attempt to identify him with Aryan lineage). The descendants of this ancient race painted themselves blue to emulate their ancestors or associated deities. This custom extends to present day Celtic rituals where participants are painted blue.
The blue paint is symbolic of an ancient ritual which concerned the production of occultum within the physical body. There is a chemical reaction within the blood which produces cobalt. The effect of this process would give the skin a blue hue. This blue effect was known by the Picts and Druids, but the knowledge originated with the Elder Race.
The phenomena of Rh negative babies who shortly after birth turn blue (or sometimes different colors) is due to the lack of oxygen. Modern technology can alter the blood by oxygenating it with transfusions.
Rh negative babies lack the normal amount of iron in their blood compared to normal Earth babies. They have a higher amount of copper. When copper oxidizes, it turns blue. When iron oxidizes in the blood, it turns red. Rh negative babies born on Earth find themselves in an oxygen rich world that is not indigenous to their biochemistry.
Through tradition, ancient wisdom was passed down through a hierarchal system which dispensed knowledge to those who appeared worthy. These ancients saw the cataclysm of the dark yuga coming, and it was their intention to protect the knowledge as well as not letting it fall into the hands of those who would misuse it. Eventually, the caves of Tibet were a refuge. The monasteries became custodians of knowledge.
As things 'de-evolved' from the Blue Race, two separate mystery schools evolved. Each had their own outlook with regard to what supports the mental grid work of evolution. The schools that sprang up in Tibet supported the idea that everyone has to evolve until the last soul emerges out of the dark yuga (the same idea that not one soul can rest until everyone has reached Nirvana). This doctrine embraces the whole, but, it negates the individual and can result in one feeling as though he is not too important. This lowers morale and encourages apathy in the people.
The other school came from the same source as the Tibetan, but this group settled in Egypt (the ancient name was To-Mera). Complete immortality was not always the goal. Through chemistry, they sought to master all the laws of the physical so as to obtain a higher consciousness.

The Seven Principles of Thoth

The Great First Principle of Mentalism

Macrocosmic Mind
All is mind, meaning the universe and all it contains exists within the infinite mind of all. This means that the computer you're looking at, the chair you're sitting in, the room in which you sit and read this, the house in which you live, the stars above you in the heavens exist within the mind of God. As you conjure images in your mind, so God sustain the creation of the universe. Our minds are miniature replicas of His infinite mind. This principle is the master-key to secret wisdom. Everything is composed of mental energy and is subject to mental laws.
Our very existence is the result of the infinite meditation of our creator. Everything that can be traced, is subject to mind. That mind is at such a high degree of evolution that we could not possibly understand it, at least at our level of consciousness. Everything exists within the mind of God.

The Art of Mental Transmutation
To become the master of your mind was the common practice among the ancient initiates. To analyze their thoughts and see how they could better them, they dwelled in the light or positive nature of the mind. Many people tend to be slaves to their mental states through feelings of jealousy, anger, envy, depression, etc. You can change any aspect of your mind if you develop the patience and practice necessary to do so. You must want to change a certain aspect of your mind and many do this unconsciously whether they know it or not. However, to do this consciously is to become master of your mind. If you don't want to think about something, you don't think about it. Sounds simple but there's more to it than that.
Start by closing your eyes and stilling the mind by imagining you're in deep space. Put your mind in space and refuse to think about anything else. This will develop the will and aid you in controlling your thoughts. The goal is to mentally walk in the path of light and change that which is negative to positive. Controlling one's thoughts also includes controlling one's speech. One who thinks positively but speaks words of hate and discontent is shooting themselves in the foot so to speak. We must all learn to speak truth and positive things to our fellow man or not say anything at all. For it would be better to remain silent than to speak negative, hateful or non-productive words. So to change your mood or mental state you simply need to change your vibration. People always want more control over their lives, but if you step back and examine your thoughts you will find you are a slave to imagery coming from a variety of different sources.

Master of Mind
If you are angry a lot, you need to cultivate calmness which means refusing to become angry. This is not to say that you should suppress emotions but to change that which is undesirable into that which is worthy. When you become impatient, stop, close your eyes and imagine you're patient. If you keep the thought of patience long enough, you will transmute impatience into patience. Whatever negative quality that invades your mind, concentrate on the exact opposite. This takes practice but it can be mastered by all. By becoming masters of our minds, we can help others in doing the same.
Become master of your mind not a slave to the majority, for the majority doesn't understand and thinks they are the masters. They are in essence the slaves of trend, fashion, suggestion and all that goes with the mass mind of illusion, glamour and materialism. Think not with the mass mind, think with the mind of truth.

The Great Second Principle of Correspondence

As Above, So Below
There is always a correspondence between the various levels of life and being. All forms of life mimic each other in some way, from the mineral to the plant to the animal to the human and beyond. Atoms swirl in a perpetual motion as does our solar system, as above, so below.

As Within, So Without
Everything that has life on the outside, has life on the inside as well. Nothing is on the outside that isn't on the inside.
If we exist within the mind of God, what is the without of God? Maybe we are the without of God and the within is something we've yet to discover. Even space which appears to be beyond within and without also corresponds. What could be the within and without of space? This is a question you must find out for yourself. What is the within and without of time? On the outside we see hours, minutes, weeks, years. On the inside however, what do we see? Is it something that has no barriers? The true time, which is not time at all but a state of life and being that manifests on the outside as an apparent phenomena to coordinate and regulate the daily lives of people. You will have to answer these questions.

Planes of Existence
The Great Physical Plane could be divided into seven other planes which in turn can be divided into other planes, etc., etc., ad infinitum. Plane is a state of being or vibration and many of us travel from plane to plane during dreams or periods of meditation or intense thought.
The Great Spiritual Plane contains beings that possess life and mind beyond what the average man could comprehend. Great beings who play an intricate part in the drama of the universe and their cosmic responsibilities are so great that we shudder at the very thought of them. Anyone who abuses power on the spiritual planes will fall back to furthest extreme of material existence and suffer the terrible penalty according to law.

The Great Third Principle of Vibration

A Universe in Motion
Everything vibrates and is in constant motion to one degree or another. That nothing is at rest, contrary to the appearance of solid matter such as rocks, mountains, etc. Solid matter vibrates at such a low degree it appears at rest.
Through the understanding of vibration you can see how the masters perform what are commonly called miracles. If one wanted to walk on water, he would have to change his vibration to the point where his body is light as a feather. Of course, this requires much practice, study, discipline and patience to be able to accomplish but they can be reached for all who wish to study it further. Even space vibrates even though we think of it as still and dark.

Mental Vibration
To change your mood or mental state, change your mental vibration. By focusing your attention on your desired mental state, you change the vibration. To become masters of mind you must learn to increase and decrease vibrations at will. A good test for changing your vibration is the next time you feel angry, stop and focus your attention on the opposite of anger. If you want to change, it will, such is the law.

The Scepter of Power
Grasping the principle of vibration enables you to grasp the scepter of power. For a mastering of this principle shall enable one to heal the sick, change weather conditions, communicate with other worlds. When one has the power to heal, it is a great and monumental accomplishment and a responsibility of great magnitude. A master of vibration is a master of destiny.

The Great Fourth Principle of Polarity

Light and Darkness: One in the Same
Nothing is absolute in opposition to one another (light and darkness is an example of this). There is no absolute light or absolute dark, only degrees in between. The "lord of light" and the "lord of dark" is but 2 degrees of exactly the same being! How many times have you heard people complain of the injustices in this world only to commit injustice themselves.

Extremes Meet
Life and death are but two degrees of the same thing, existence! Extremes mirror each other as the term goes."opposites attract". Opposites attract each other because the level of vibration is so similar there is a psycho-sexual need to connect via either mental, physical or spiritual means. To unify as a planet, we've been put in operation along the principle of polarity to learn to unify and until then there will always be light and darkness (and always separateness). As a planetary humanity we must learn to combine extremes and unify them for the one great cause.

Making a Half Truth a Whole Truth
There are two sides to every story and every truth is half false. When we say God is spirit, is this the whole truth? For in truth God is spirit, but what is spirit? Spirit is infinite living mind so this is another half truth. Absolute truth is defined as "things as God knows them" while relative truth is "things as the highest reason of man understands them." An example is the illusion of dreams. While dreams are real in a person's mind, they are unreal at the same time. Everything is true and untrue but when we examine things more closely, we can close the gap on the half truth and dwell within the whole truth.

The Great Fifth Principle of Rhythm

The Swing of the Pendulum
There is always a reaction to every action. Rhythm is a bringing together of various harmonies of one kind or another to produce a desired creative effect. The entire universe is on a giant swing, soaring forward and backward along the pole or polarity experiencing all positive and negative degrees of expression in between. Periods of happiness seems to be followed by periods of unhappiness or a period of confidence is always followed by periods of doubt.

The Art of Breathing
Rhythmic breathing is always connected with profound meditation and manifestation of a magical nature. If one breathes in through the nose and out through the mouth in the appropriate degree, he can make wonderful things happen and changes within and without his being. This is one of the most misunderstood methods of magical practice that will enable you to master many other "mental sciences". By using the mind in accordance with the lungs you can draw in a desired quality by using the whole body to heal, love, compassion, confidence, light, etc. By the use of the radiating principle you emit the indrawn energy toward your desired goal. It is recommended to take 7 breaths in and 7 out while concentrating on your desired goal. (One too many in or out can throw things out of balance on many levels so pay attention to this).

The Law of Compensation
Rhythmic compensation is cosmic law demonstrated through the process of reincarnation. Our incarnations are bound together by one rhythmic chain spanning planets, galaxies, universes and time. What one sows is what one reaps, and doesn't always manifest itself in one incarnation. All of us have missions to accomplish, nothing exists without purpose and destiny. If one is selfish and negative in one life, he will pay for it some time by having to experience it in another life. There is no injustice on any level, for such is against the law and nothing escapes law. Any negative thing is happening according to law and every being involved chose that path for himself. Reincarnation is one of the great truths that will be widely believed and known before too much longer. Compensation is at work everywhere. Where there is sacrifice there is a reward, for whatever someone gains there is something that they lack and so on and so on; ad infinitum. By developing mental discipline and practice can help neutralize the rhythmic swing of the pendulum and bring you to a higher plane.

The Great Sixth Principle of Cause and Effect

Chance: The Great Illusion
There is no such thing as chance. The universe and everything happening is in perfect accordance with the law. Nothing ever happens devoid of rhyme or reason. But everything is a continuing flow of various chance related incidents which are our existence in the seemingly endless chain of causes and effects. If chance were what many perceive it to be, the world we live in would have no order, discipline or structure whatsoever. Everything would be subject to an apparent wanton series of events that encompass the masses. The "chance" meeting of your ex-spouse may be for the 2 of you to iron out various negative feelings about one another or to invoke negative feelings about one another for yet a greater cause which in turn will produce a greater effect.
Chance is just another word used to describe universal law in operation, yet it is not recognized as such by the masses. Many people have a hard time grasping the apparent significance of a perfect system of operation with so much apparent injustice in the world. However, by stepping back and looking at the big picture we find that everything is an endless series of causes and effects. "Coincidence" is nothing but another link in the great chain of cause and effect. As the saying goes, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear". Such is the law.

Causers Instead of Effects
We can be the causers of events instead of the effects by taking control of our thoughts, actions and destiny. There is no escaping cosmic law but this is merely another way of using law against law. All in accordance with karmic responsibility and positive causes.
By taking charge as causers we become the masters of life and mind and can aid humanity in unifying and raising the vibration of the mass mind. The Earth will be a sacred planet some day and we as a planetary humanity will be the cause of this occurrence. Rather than being the effect of ignoring spiritual law and existing in a selfish and animal like manner which will lead to the destruction of us all (having to tread the path from the beginning again). It is important to be masters of mind and teachers of the unenlightened. For the thought you pass on to one, will pass on to another and so on and so on, ad infinitum. True Hermetic initiation is the mastering of causes in order to better effect our humanity and the world as a whole. So become the causers of good events instead of the effects of negative ones. By doing so, we set greater causes in motion on a planetary scale and help the Earth and all its inhabitants rise to the height of heights.

No act goes without a reaction of some kind and all can see how the universe is but a perpetual changing of events. All laws are in operation to be used against one another skillfully and with the correct mental impressions and energies. Causation is on all planes, planets, dimensions, etc. so we really are in the same boat together. Law is understanding and understanding is Law. Wisdom is the right interpretation of Law and Law the right interpretation of wisdom. Law is all that is, for in everything is it in operation and in every operation it lives. This is not meant to confuse you, for the comprehension of law and a correct understanding by all would make everything change in a blink of an eye.

The Great Seventh Principle of Gender

Father-Mother Mind
Masculine and feminine principles are always at work in all aspects of life and being. The father is viewed as the authoritative figure and the mother the protective figure. They are inseparable and one cannot exist without the other. From the standpoint of creation we see that nothing is created without this great principle at work. The father-mother mind is our home and we exist in our creators womb, always.

The Problem of Sex
Man and woman are mysteriously drawn to each other. So much so that they must unite. (Never in the ancient teachings was celibacy a mandatory thing except in purification of mind and soul for specific purposes. The creative act of sex was was not frowned upon like it is today in which some religions say sex should only be performed to procreate. They make the woman an evil temptress of man - one always blames the other.) Sex is a sacred act and when understood as the unity of souls rather than the insertion of the penis into the vagina, a very profound symbolism is present. Sex is an act that has been going on for so long, no one really knows when or where it began but the polarity drama rages on.
Sex is a symbolic act of the creation of the universe. It has been debased and profaned by the ignorant, and lustful minds of men who think like the animal in mating season and show little if any understanding of the great act of unity. Everyone has to evolve and mature and in this maturity comes a greater understanding of sex and the childlike attitude we all portray when discussing it. It is a subject of wonder, taboo and curiosity. To understand its true significance is to lift the veils of mystery from this grand symbolic act of the fusion of opposites.

Fire and Water
Uniting the cosmic fire and water, or the male and female energies present in the universe is one of the greatest occult arts there is. To unite them on a physical level produces steam, symbolic of the unifying principle, drifting up to the heavens and disappearing into nothingness. On the mental level it would be meditation, reaching states of bliss. The unification of fire and water sheds light on an extremely secret and esoteric occult metaphor.