Reiki Therapy

"Promotes Self-Healing & Regenerative Powers of the Body"

Reiki is an "energy therapy" that serves to enhance and produce the body's natural healing capabilities. The Reiki (pronounced "ray key") practitioner has been trained and attuned to serve as a channel for universal (love) energy.

When acting as a conduit for this natural life force, the therapist thereby assists the body's innate intelligence with its ongoing program for perfect health. The flow of Reiki (living love) energy is done without any expectations or attachments to results. The recipient need hold no beliefs about workability. Once merely relaxes and continues to breathe normally.

The Reiki therapist adheres to the belief and attitude that all healing is self-healing and knows that each person's innate intelligence will direct the Reiki energy where it will serve the most to each individual.

Because the Reiki method of "touch healing" or remote healing, promotes overall betterment of the spirit/mind/body complex, it has continued to become internationally popular and accepted by doctors of osteopathy, chiropractic, and other holistic practitioners. Reiki has origins in ancient Tibetan Sanskrit writings and symbols are often used to facilitate accessing the universal energy.

You should expect to notice the following results and benefits from Reiki sessions:

Improved Emotional Poise Reiki can lower brain-wave activity promoting more ease which eliminates the deleterious effects of accumulated stress. Reiki also assists with the release of tensions (body stress) and re-enforces the work of holistic healing art such as osteopathy, meditation, hypnotherapy, message, shiatsu, yoga and so forth.

Enhances Self-Awareness Reiki therapy has beneficial balancing effects on the so-called subtle bodies and energy centers (chakras) which correspond to the various organs of the endocrine system. These centers regulate the aging process of the body, so in that sense, it can be implied that this type of energy work (like guided imagery, osteopathy, hypnotherapy, mediation and other holistic practices) affects longevity of the body. The body's natural rejuvenating powers are encouraged and natural psychic abilities are developed with each session.

Reiki Assists in the Gentle Stimulation of Natural Body Functions These include the immune system, circulation, respiratory and so forth.

Reiki gradually contributes to your natural state of balance and connection, gradually leaving the giver and receiver more in the flow of life. You will become more aware and connected with your own inner power and wisdom. This enhances your feelings of unconditional love through the release of blockages at the mind/body level.

Reiki is very complementary to other healing modalities such as: osteopathy, massage, yoga, guided imagery, meditation and other healing modalities. Reiki practices are simple and promote heightened intuitive abilities and awareness. Reiki can assist anyone in need. Like all approaches to improved health, proper diet, sufficient exercise and an optimistic outlook are also important elements. Reiki has been frequently applied to support and compliment traditional allopathic (mechanistic) medical treatments.