In this physical level, psychic energies are always present, just as spiritual energies are always present. These energies do not function on any type of timeline. They are just present, here and now, always, in eternity. "Time" that was present ten thousand years ago and "time" that is present now are both the same. The energies are always here and now.

When you feel psychic energies coming toward you, realize that they may or may not be related to recent events; they could come from actions far distant in terms of time, yet entirely present in terms of the psychic energy. We're talking about eternity.

You might think you don't remember but you're not required to remember. That veil of forgetfulness is part of the process.

Psychic energies can reach in and attempt to manipulate your mind, your emotions and your body and can be effective in doing that. If you go someplace not under the influence of the psychic energies, someplace positive and uplifting, those negative energies can go with you and create doubt and fear in your consciousness about that positive experience. That negativity can block you from seeking and experiencing positive direction in your life pattern. Those energies can program you to avoid people who can help you. They can bring in negative thoughts.

When you live from your own center, being influenced by psychic energies can sound farfetched and improbable. If you get involved in psychic meetings where you are subjected to emotional influences, you may be surprised at the effects. People who deal in psychic energy may harass you with emotionally-laden statements.

Heavy negative energy can be changed to the positive influence of spiritual energy. It means recognizing the nature of the psychic attack, maintaining the integrity of your behavior in spite of the psychic energies and then bringing the spiritual essence into that space.

People get caught up in the influence of psychic energies because of something within them that seeks power or to be recognized as "God." It is that assertiveness for the individual power that can cause people to fall out of grace and leave themselves open for the psychic powers to attack. The attack comes to that area which is weakest, most vulnerable, most open to influence.

The sexual area, more than any other areas, is one that is very open to the manipulation of psychic energies because the sexual energy is, and of itself, so intense that it creates a ready channel for psychic power to enter. When the psychic power comes in with the sexual power, that energy can become like an entity form, and the process becomes obsessive and destructive. In societies where there has been excessive sexual activity (in the sense of promiscuity and prostitution, rather than love,) the society is destroyed not through the sexual activity itself, but through the psychic power that manifests through the sexual activity.

It matters if you lust after somebody and what you do with that lust matters more. Often the feeling you identify as lust comes into you through psychic influences, rather than through your own consciousness. You may think, "Wow! Where did that thought come from? I wasn't even interested and all of a sudden I just have to have this girl (or guy)." If that happens, it may not be your thought at all. A lot of thoughts and psychic influences are around and it's easy to pick them up. It happens. Keep in mind that you don't have to act on every thought that comes through your mind. If lust comes in, you can get up and move out of that area. You can handle it by moving away from it as well as moving toward it.

Physical exercise will help disperse psychic energy. Running, jogging, tennis, basketball, construction, anything that uses physical energy in a dynamic strenuous way will disperse and clear impinging psychic energies. Sitting and dwelling on things in your mind tends to compound them.

Iif you place yourself in situations and environments where you can be active, work constructively or take part in healthy recreational programs, you will see rehabilitation within your own consciousness.

There is a natural way for us to progress, and then there is the way that is attempting to control and manipulate life. We can look at this in terms of masculine and feminine polarities. The masculine attempts to control and direct his "empire;" he always strives to be in a superior position, the "macho" consciousness. The feminine doesn't have to do any of this because she is flowing in a more natural harmony with everything around, so there is no need for rules and regulations and usurpation of power.

If we blend the negative and positive polarities to come into the balance of a neutral consciousness where we can maintain and hold the power of our own self while flowing very naturally with all things around us. We take the best of both the masculine and feminine consciousness and blend them. It is ideal and it is possible.

Nature progresses in a very natural way which does not exclude the evolution of man. At some future point, many types of people now on the planet will vanish. There will be no sign of them; this level will be pulled away. But... we are not dealing in time concepts of 2 days or 2 years, we are dealing in the concept of thousands and thousands of years. Man's evolutionary progression is this: First, the physical, then the imagination, the emotions, the mind, the unconscious and the Soul. When you have established that awareness within, then you can move to the outer levels and find that the outer spiritual world directly aligns with the inner kingdom. At that point, you understand what it is all about and brings with it peace and tranquility.

You may not be aware of that when you focus on the physical body, since the physical body is usually in a state of excitation. It is here to move. Individuals who sit in yogic positions until their legs become useless have violated the laws of the physical level. Many who have been called great spiritual masters have died of cancer and malnutrition because they violated the premise of the physical level, which is to know the physical level.

Branches of science like medicine or the healing arts are designed to know the physical body. The psychological sciences were designed to know the psyche or the Soul, although they have become more a study of the behaviors of the body. Sociology is the study of the interaction of these bodies. And psychiatrists are trying to deal with the integration of the mind, emotions and body. That leaves those who are on a spiritual path to integrate it all from the premise of spiritual health, letting the spiritual energy flow through all the levels, bringing the total upliftment of the human consciousness.

It is really nice to be close with people who are in the physical healing arts, because things like massage and tender loving care can alleviate pain and discomfort. It's very important to have loving care which is a spiritual action.

Every person is responsible for their total beingness. This does not mean that we don't assist one another by doing everything for them. It means we do all of these things as long as it's part of their flow of spiritual enlistment.

Life is very natural, very simple. You make it complex by releasing energies inside of you through forms of symbology, through mentalizing and wrong attitudes. Then a struggle goes on inside you, and not wanting to struggle, you push it back into the unconscious. It struggles there and then manifests through illness or disease that our present-day sciences cannot cope with.

How do you handle this? You can practice spiritual techniques. There are many of them designed to reach into and clear levels of consciousness: meditations of various types, spiritual exercises, prayer techniques, forms of contemplation, chanting mantras and tones. These techniques will focus and lift the energies; they can tie up the energies to give them form so that you can feel more confident and keep the energies flowing up in a straight line instead of waving in and out.

As you practice spiritual techniques, you become more and more familiar with the flow of energy patterns that manifest within your consciousness. By continually working with the energies inside of you, you learn to recognize what they are, their purpose, their function, their direction. As this happens, you are no longer at the mercy of your physical habit patterns, emotional addictions, mental games, or unconscious urgings. You are able to successfully direct yourself into more positive patterns of behavior and expression.

No one is going to take care of you but yourself. You are placed on the planet with everything you need already inside of you. You can't be upset unless you allow it. You can't be controlled unless you allow it. You can't go crazy and lose your mind unless you allow it. This puts you in a very unique position. You can create harmony or discord, happiness or despair, joy or depression, productiveness or lack thereof.

You do not have to allow psychic influences to manipulate or control you. If you have been under the influence and identity of psychic energies, you can recover the spiritual identity of who you are. When you have found that center and can maintain that center, you can assist other people from that solid base. You can demonstrate freedom, spiritual love and the Light of Spirit.

As you direct yourself from that positive place within you, you can begin to lift everyone around you into the same positive focus. You can contain and absorb the psychic influences that come into you while continuing to direct yourself in a positive way, lifting into more and more awareness of the Spirit within. Spirit is always present. You need only turn toward it and open yourself to its guidance and direction, and you will be free.


Magic, for the most part involves people who want to control other people in some way or another. They "perform" magic. They create an illusion for you to get you to come along with their way of thinking, which, at the moment may seem innocuous. Then, once you have gone along with their creation, they can turn it around and use it against you - or they can threaten to do this and use your fear to control you. People in fear of magic submit and give in, which is the primary power of magic. This has nothing to do with the magicians on stage; most are sleight-of-hand artists.

Magic is one aspect of what is called the "occult." The occult involves esoteric teachings, and by its very nature, means secret. It is not necessarily negative in its nature. It focuses on teaching those things that work, so that - depending on what is done with the knowledge - the techniques can be used in a positive or a negative way.

The occult teachings are secret teachings, not known to the general public because such teachings can be used in the field of black magic to control. Many teachers of the occult who are not dealing in magic talk in parables; they talk symbolically. Someone who is looking for magic will often try to 'trap' them into revealing a key.

Sometimes the keys are in the form of words. One of the most fantastic words is "abracadabra." When that is placed in its proper frequency of energies and put forward in its proper form, it has an occult message that opens many secrets and mysteries.

If you have the magic, you can then control other people so that you not only get them to do what you want, but you also get them to go away and leave you alone so you can do what you want. The greatest use of magic is getting others to go away and leave you alone. When they go away and leave you alone, you think you can go on about your business - except that the karma (cause and effect) of the planet isn't set up that way. When everyone goes away and leaves you alone, the karma keeps right on with you. To learn the karma of the planet, you must learn the occult, because that is part of it.

The explanation comes through the inner teachings, and as you start turning more inwardly to the wisdom that is within you, you will bypass the magic and the negative aspects of the occult and reach into the esoteric, inner teachings that are difficult to voice.

Sometimes you share something very deep with someone else, and you say, "I'm not saying it right. I don't have the words for it." Those who are part of the esoteric school smile and say, "Yes, but I understand." You can look at them and know they understand. So you continue communicating on that higher level.

Those who cannot reach the wisdom of the esoteric may ask for the "magic genie" when they want something. But when you work in magic you are working in the negative realms of Light, and you get everything that goes with it. That's not to say don't do this, know what it is you're doing, so when you wish to participate you won't do it unknowingly. Then if you choose to follow that direction, you will know that you are entering into the study and the practice of magic.

The various forms of magic are not necessarily evil things. They are dealing with certain energy levels that can be produced from the hands and eyes and other orifices of the body to get people to move or be swayed in a particular way. One thing to always keep in mind is that those involved in magic and other negative forms of the occult do have a right to worship any way they want. Not that you necessarily want to worship that way - but neither do you have the right to rip down their churches. They'll fall because of their own energy patterns. You don't have to do anything except send Light and love their way; and if they're dealing in Light and love but calling it another name, should you be offended because they don't say it your way? NO. That could be a ridiculous point of view.

You don't have to say, "Hey, you here are practicing black magic and you there are practicing Satanism and you there are practicing voodoo - so none of you get any Light." On the contrary, God comes to the whole world, and spiritual awareness come to the whole world. This movement has not come only to one person, and because of this it will extend into greater and greater parts of the world.

Everyone should be blessed no matter what religion. God is in all people, in all ways. If we took the word Christ out of the language and substituted a word like "murmph" and said there's murmph all over the world, may murmph be with you, we might stop a lot of bigotry and prejudice. No one would have to say, "Are you Christian? I'm ready to fight and kill you if you're not Christian." Ready to fight and kill? How can that attitude be in those who love Christ and God? Christ came to bring love to the world. What kind of Christian would kill in His name? This is one who practices "dark" magic but certainly not a Christian. This is one who practices a type of "voodoo" to control others.

The areas of control, of magic, can be really subtle. There are many, many ways that one person can attempt to exert control over another. One way can be through prayer. Ask for the Light for the person's highest good.

Whenever one person enters into an area where they are attempting to control the thoughts or actions of another person, they are practicing a form of black magic. Whenever you try to exert control over another person, that control must be returned to you. But remember, the only people who can control you are those that you allow to control you. Do you know that anyone who can hurt you or upset you or make you angry is controlling you? If people can make you react, they can control you. It often seems that those people for whom you feel the most love and concern are those people that you allow to control you.


People attempt t place control on others in many ways. One way that is used inadvertently by some and completely consciously by others is thought projection. It has been shown that people can receive the thoughts that another person projects. There have been many experiments with "ESP" that have proven this.

The techniques of thought projection can be used in either a positive or negative way. Spiritual law ordains that you receive what you put out. If you project negativity, you will receive negativity. If you project positive images and thoughts, you will receive positive responses. This is the law of cause and effect, the law of karma. It is also very subtle because there can be relatively large time gaps between the cause and the effect. The order of the universe is just, however, and all actions are balanced and cleared in proper timing.

Anyone can pinpoint people's problems. It's just a matter of attention. If you've paid attention to your own body and know what its feelings are and what it is capable of, you can perceive what others are projecting without confusing their thoughts and feelings to yours. If something comes in that's negative, you'll know it's not part of you, it's coming from someone else. Once you have determined where the "disturbance" is coming from, you can reverse its direction and send back a thought of love, healing and balance - and you can be of great assistance to the person.

Try this: If you know people that fight a lot, send a positive thought their way or see them happy and not arguing. You'll be surprised at the difference this can make. These techniques are powerful and can work. It is very important that you use a positive, loving consciousness and that you always do it for the highest good, not to control others or get your way.

One of the biggest keys to projection is the ability to focus attention. If you don't focus attention, you're lost. A device such as music or mantras are a good source to help you focus attention. It helps by stopping the thought process and letting the higher consciousness take over. You're already in contact consciously with the conscious self; you're trying to get into the higher self, the spiritual self. To do this you have to remove the blocks that stand in the way.

The blocks can be any negative expression: envy, desire, jealousy, frustration, greed, avarice and so forth. They block you from the reality of your own Spirit. They are parts of the negative self that stand in front of you and won't allow you to see the Divinity within, the God-source within.

Spiritual work frightens some people, but there is nothing to be frightened of, because when you see yourself in absolute reality, it will be beautiful and perfect. It is only the illusions of the lower worlds that make you appear to be less than divine, less than perfect.

Too often, you may not be attentive enough to your own consciousness. You may not pay enough attention to what you feel, think, and perceive. So, not knowing your own position, you allow others to project "foreign" thoughts, feelings, and perceptions onto your own consciousness. If you allow other people to take your experiences away from you, you do not gain the ability to handle your own experiences, to become responsible to yourself and others, and to gain the strength necessary to go on. Then you find that you have to come back to that experience sometime and do it again in some other situation so that you can learn it. It's easier to do it right now, in this moment, because right now you can handle it. You're never given anything you can't handle-right now. If you can keep that in mind, you'll move through your experiences with greater ease and confidence, and you'll have good experiences because you'll be learning. You'll have good days; you'll have good weeks.

There really aren't any "bad" weeks. If you say, "I've had a down week," that's okay because that's just a description. But if you say, "I've had a 'bad' week or a 'lousy' week," you've probably projected your negative emotion out onto the experience of that week. We all live in the same world. Our perception of it can make it good or bad. Don't project your illusions out and hold onto them. If you judge what's there instead of looking at what really is there, you can see the world as beautiful.

One of the biggest illusions that people project onto their experiences is, "I'm depressed!" Ask yourself, "what does depressed look like?" It's usually a feeling that is not felt all the time. If it isn't felt all the time then it really isn't 'you' and if it isn't you then it can't be true; it can't be real. The self that is real is happy and healthy. These other things come to you for a reason; they come so you can learn. If you ask people why they feel depressed, you're apt to get all sorts of answers. In any instance, the people have looked at their experiences and projected a judgment into them. Anything that makes you depressed can be very positive experiences. But you can project either a positive or negative interpretation on almost any experience. If you project a positive interpretation, you may find your life easier to handle.

To send love and Light, all you have to say is, "I ask the Light to go for the highest good." Then if it's going to go, it will go. And if it's not going to go, and you try to force it by projecting really hard, it may just come back to you really hard and be more than you might want to handle at the moment. It's easy, again, just to say, "For the highest good," and let it go. Bring the Light around you, bring the Light to you, but if you want a new car, meditation won't do it for you. You have to go down to the lot where the cars are. You have to direct your attention to the car. You can project a thought or an image out, but you are going to have to support that mental action with a little physical action if you are to fulfill it.

Projection, then, has both positive and negative aspects. In its negative aspect, it is commonly used by some people in an attempt to control others by placing an image in their mind or by placing an emotion out to them that will act as a type of "psychic blackmail."

Projection can be used in a positive way to project Light and love and peace and joy. By paying attention to your own levels of consciousness, to your own thoughts, emotions, and body, you can learn to identify that which is projected towards you from another source. Then you can make a conscious choice as to whether or not you are going to be influenced by someone else's projection. As long as you direct your attention into clear perceptions of your experiences without placing out negative interpretations, you will walk through your life in freedom. The attitude is the key factor in all of these actions.


In the dimension next to the physical (which can be called the fourth dimension), thoughts are very real things and can be perceived rather rapidly by people who are attuned to this level. The patterns and forms of thoughts can be observed. The mind is very powerful in its action, and when it goes into a stage of fantasizing, it creates patterns we call "thought forms."

An explanation is as follows: When you were very young, you started your conditioned responses in life. You were taught the "no-no's" and how to say "mama" and "dada" without knowing what those things were. But as you gave a certain response, "Mama" played back to you a certain type of feeling to which you related in some way. You got something in return for what you did.

Then when you became a little older, you learned the response of laughing and smiling. Man is a very suggestive being, accepting suggestions rather readily; this is one of the most effective ways children can learn and grow. But the majority of children have been trained with the approach of punishment-"No-no! Don't do that. Don't touch that!" So when children find that there are things that happen to them that they can't do anything about physically, they find out that they can do something about them mentally. They begin to realize that they can move away from this world that slaps their hands, punishes them, and does not allow them the freedom of their own expression.

In a punishment situation the lower self can be very aggressive. Not just the basic self but the natural reflexes within each person. When the body experiences punishment or hurt, its response can be aggressive because it will want to protect itself. But when you, as a child, found out that even though you had this aggressive, self protecting feeling, you could do nothing physically to avert the punishment, you started creating thought forms. One example of the creation of a very powerful and very common kind of thought form is that which a young boy creates at the time of puberty. At this time in his life, he starts realizing, through his body urges, that he wants to engage in a sexual relationship. And even though society has proscribed this as a "no-no," he must still fulfill this action. So in his own personal way, he fulfills this action, at the same time fantasizing in his mind the ideal situation. This fantasizing produces a thought form of intense emotion and sexuality. The sexual release is one of the most powerful releases there is, second only to the creative imagination. So when you take the sexual release and couple it with the creative imagination, you have created a tremendous vortex of force. As you create it, it goes out to a point that is your level of influence, and then it must cycle back. It can do this because you have created an opening within your consciousness for it to lodge; it comes back into the place where it went out. This thought form then produces reminiscence within you where you say, "Oh, yeah, I remember...."

The body becomes stirred again, the endocrine system becomes active, and you then repeat that same sexual process, perhaps fantasizing the same thing or substituting another figure in the fantasy. This response has more strength than the original response. The thought form is again released, goes out, cycles back, and activates the urging again. Imagine years of doing this.

The pattern of the sexual thought form can start off, believe it or not, by looking at a picture in a magazine. Or it can start out in a very innocuous way when a parent recognizes that their two or three year old has a "boyfriend" or "girlfriend." The parents may tease and say, "Oh, is this your little boyfriend or little girlfriend? Is this your sweetheart? Are you going to marry him (or her) when you get older?" so the very young child starts becoming aware of sexuality and what is attractive or not in the opposite sex. This goes on for years until the age of twelve or thirteen.

If the boy receives a fulfillment or gratification by seeing the object of his sexual desires, he can place her even closer within his sexual fantasy, and he has then produced a full-fledged thought form that can start directing his life. Because he will be in a very fluid state sexually, most of his waking moments will be directed toward reproducing these patterns. But it will get to the point where these patterns do not fulfill. They will release the sexual energies from him for a few minutes, and he will say, "Oh, wow, my mind's off sex for a while; now maybe I can get some studies done or do something else." Before you know it this form will cycle back in on him because it now has a ready channel. This process where he is involved sexually with himself may happen four, five, six times a day-and each time, he creates a thought form that goes out and comes back in rapidly.

It can be very difficult to break up thought forms-not only does the mind play the desire patterns through the imagination, but after a while, your nerves have come to expect this response.

Physiologically, your body has come to expect this response, and your endocrine system has come to demand this response. Then emotionally, you must fulfill this response.

Many times a person marries at a very young age in order to try to channel this action. In the marital relationship, there is an exchange of energy that takes place during the sexual encounter so that during the first six weeks of the marriage, there is a great physical and sexual closeness. After that, there is not as much closeness because the battery has become fully charged; from that point on, it does not have to be charged as often in the sexual relationship. When you are in your own individual sexuality, however, you are not receiving a complete fulfillment, because there is no exchange of energy taking place. It is a dissipation of energy, and you do not receive fulfillment.

Let's continue with this basic sexual fantasy. As the boy gets a little older, he often feels he can no longer continue the same sexual pattern; so he finds a substitute for it. The substitute pattern may very well be drinking or smoking or eating or something else. He starts another pattern as a substitute. It takes a concerted effort to confront one of these habitual thought forms and break it. It's rare that you break it rapidly, because the thought form has watched you have the experience of trying and trying to break the pattern and failing.

As a person continually projects negative thoughts or continually gives in to negative patterns of overindulgence in alcohol, food, drugs, or in some form of behavioral deviation, that action goes out and then comes back upon him. As it continues to do this, it becomes stronger and stronger until it can actually become an obsession within the consciousness. An obsession lodges itself between the conscious self and the basic self and blocks the free flow of communication. The basic self can no longer communicate with the conscious self, so the obsession can begin directing the conscious self.

Many of the so-called "perverted" areas of sexual expression, like bestiality, exhibitionism, molestation, rape, voyeurism, etc., are the result of obsessions. The person who is expressing these patterns usually spends a great deal of time thinking about these things before he ever goes out and does anything about it. This is not the man who is walking by a window and stops to look inside; the obsessive pattern of a voyeur is more like the man who climbs a tree and sits there all night watching.

If you have created an obsessive pattern within your consciousness (biting fingernails, drinking too much coffee, and smoking are other examples), you are held responsible for that action. You have put it in motion; you must learn to handle and clear it if you are to be free from that obsession. If you educate yourself, you can force these obsessions out. You can release them from their position between the levels of your consciousness. You must understand that because you put these patterns into your consciousness, you must be the one to clear them. Just learning about how thought forms and obsessions are created can be of great benefit. If you want the obsession back again, just go back into that situation that created it. The pattern of an obsession can be altered using the energy of Light; it can be changed. People who have been using drugs heavily can come into the realization of the Light, change that pattern almost instantly, and walk away non-drug users-at that time. But if they go back into the same environment again, they may go right back into the drug pattern because the habitual desire of the body and the psychological dependency has already been established. (It's the same process for drinking, smoking, swearing, overeating, etc.)

The second time the obsession gains control, it is even stronger than it was the first time. It is stronger because there is already a "space" in the consciousness where it can lodge itself. The next time it will be harder to dislodge. But it can be done. The best way to get rid of an obsession is through conscious education in the Light, because the Light can go in and balance the situation. Obsessions don't have a high intellect, but they can block communication between the conscious self and the basic self so that you are no longer fulfilling your karmic destiny. Remember that no obsession can enter into your consciousness and control you unless you allow it. By your action of negativity, by your irresponsible action with drugs or alcohol, you leave yourself open for that obsession to come in and attach itself to your consciousness. That is why it's much better to stay as detached as you can within your consciousness and as neutral as possible. Don't go into other people's actions with them; you can get caught up in someone else's patterns. Stay away from people with negative habits.

An alcoholic will tell you that one of the best ways not to drink is not to go into a bar. That's where the alcohol is. Another good way is not to go into a liquor store because it's there also. The best way is to never put the alcohol to your lips.

If you have to go through all those steps, you'll probably be drinking again. Stop the action way down the line by directing yourself into other areas. The consciousness must be educated so it will accept its responsibility and will direct into other more positive areas; then it can remove the obsession and be free.

There are many people who are very adept at creating thought forms and sending them out. It can be done inadvertently or as a conscious pattern. There is a story from the Akashic records of a woman who had studied in Tibet and learned this ability to create. She was a very lonely woman so she created the thought form of a "man" that only she and the clairvoyants around her could see. She created a monk who contained all her heart's desires within his form. She created it beautifully, and it performed many companionable services for her, like telling her she looked nice-not by voice, but by looks. This went on for quite a while, but then she found out that the thought form started getting more and more powerful. It became more like an entity form, a separate form with a will of its own, instead of a thought form. At times it would giver her dirty looks, make her a little fearful, and try to get her to do things that it wanted done. It would make her go various places that it wanted to go and do things that it wanted to do. She became fearful and decided that she would get rid of this thought form. So she dismissed it, but it paid no attention to her and stayed. She had put so much energy into it that it could stand on its own, so to speak.

Then she became very fearful and the thought form grew stronger on her fear-because fear is also a form of creative energy. She came to the point that she had to speak to a spiritual teacher who had the ability of strong prayer. He prayed for her in the right manner-not for the entity to be destroyed, but for the woman to gain strength. As she gained strength, she was able to keep bringing her consciousness to bear on the thought form so she could block it. She reached the point where she no longer saw it, but she knew it was there because she could feel its presence. So she started ignoring the presence until the thing just disappeared from lack of energy. It had taken her about six months to build the thought form and about a year to get rid of it.

This points up some lessons to everyone. If you do ignore these things and continually refocus in another direction, you can, by channeling your energies, break them. You don't even really have to know that you are getting rid of this or that thought form. Simply by channeling your energies they will drop away. You are held responsible for the thoughts and images you hold in your mind. So if a negative thought crosses your mind, you can simply refocus in another, positive direction, and that thought form will drop away from lack of energy. It is important to hold a positive focus, a positive image in your mind.

There is a process-very similar to the one used by the woman to create the Tibetan monk-which is happening in some organizations today. These groups (spirit groups, light groups) teach of an invisible Master or an ascended Master who works with the people on various levels. There may put out this information in their literature and in their study courses. Then the people, the students, take the information, add their own creativity and imagination to it, and start creating a "form" that is similar to the unseen Master of whom they have learned.

If people in such "light groups" function in a group consciousness, they can create a group thought form, which feeds on the energy of the whole group and can then begin to take the form of the entity. Then as these people come together in meetings, all across the country, the entity is attracted in by the energy that they are holding in their consciousness, and the entity grows stronger from that energy.

Very often the entity will identify itself (because of the people's desires) as being from a high spiritual level, when it really comes out of the people's own thought form energies which may not be on a high spiritual level. The energy can become so strong with such an entity that the people can no longer discern whether they are learning the teachings of the invisible Master or the entity. When this happens, it is possible for the people to disperse the entity if they stop holding meetings or asking for the guidance of the "master" and, in that way, pull the energy back so that the entity can no longer exist. But this can be difficult to do, because by the time such a process is recognized, some of the teachings have come from the entity form-so to disperse the entity would invalidate those teachings. It does become an interesting situation.

If there were, originally, a genuine invisible, unseen or ascended Master working with a group, and if the people, through lack of awareness, created a thought form-entity similar in form, the Master form would "back off" and allow the people to work with that which they had created. As the original teachings became altered and distorted by those in the physical body, the Master, not being able to support the illusions, would pull his energy out of the group. Then the people would be working through their own energy and through the illusion of the entity they created. Inevitably those groups who enter into this type of illusion will fall; but the entity can, and usually will, outlive the group-in a way similar to the thought form-entities which were placed with the pyramids in ancient Egypt and which are still in existence and still carry great energy today.

Have you ever noticed that when you tell a lie, you have to rehearse it quite a bit? But when you tell the truth, you don't have to rehearse. This is because the truth is a natural process, and you don't have to produce thought forms with it. All you have to do is be it, realize it. You have to work to produce false images, however, and then you have to keep focusing on these images to maintain them. You can't casually create false images and make them appear as thought forms; you must work to create and maintain thought forms. You create only a partial thought form when you go negative in your thought pattern and project out a negative image. So if you do place out a negative thought, place the Light out right behind it so that when the negative thought cycles around and comes back to you, the Light will come right behind it and absolve the negativity. Otherwise, you may start creating a full-fledged thought form which may be much more difficult to dissolve.

When you send out a negative thought, you leave yourself open to receive negativity back through the same area. It's almost like you create a weakness that leaves you vulnerable to negativity. Do yourself a favor and send out positive thoughts and images. If a negative thought does get out, send the Light to surround and dissolve it. The Light can disperse the negative thoughts just like soap suds disperse when you blow on them; they just pop and are gone. The energy in that negative thought is altered and transmuted and used in another manifestation.

The ability to create thought forms is already within you, so don't destroy the ability. Rather, take that ability and move it from the negative, from the lower realm of the earthly desires, and start transposing it very gradually into the positive. Almost all things have a positive and negative aspect; so you can use all your abilities in a positive way to lift yourself higher. Don't be as concerned about breaking an old habit as in creating a new, positive direction.

As you spiritually move inward, you're going to run into the Light someplace. It might be your own Light consciousness or you might just happen to make a whole circle and not find the Light. Then you know that there has to be a center to the circle, so you just start coming back in, making the circle smaller and smaller until it actually becomes a spiral. Then you spiral right into your own self awareness and say, "Why didn't I look here in the first place instead of looking out there at the edge of the circle?" The answer is that you may have been conditioned by many people-who felt they were right-to believe that God is only "out there" someplace. He may be out there someplace, but to get to Him you have to go within.

A story:

A man lived in an apartment house where the manager made it a habit to look through his apartment. He'd always tell the manager, "The same things that were here on Monday will be there on Tuesday, so you can save yourself the trip on Tuesday." But the manager kept coming up anyway. The man knew when the manager had come into his apartment because he had clairvoyant abilities; he could sense the presence of the manager. He asked the manager again not to go into the apartment anymore and told him, "If you continue to do so, you might feel very disturbed." Then he placed a thought form over the door and "programmed" it so it would only give way to his own consciousness. The next day the manager went up to the apartment, went in, looked around, got a very funny feeling, walked out real fast, went downstairs to lie down, and thought he was having a heart attack. When the man came home later, the manager's wife came to him and said, "We don't know what to do." The man said, "Tell your husband to stay out of my apartment and he'll feel better."

She said, "Come and look at him."

So he went and saw that the thought form was in the manager's aura.

The man told the manager, "I told you to stay out of there. If you want to go back in there again, this will happen again tomorrow."

The manager said, "I won't go into your apartment anymore."

The man said, "Okay, then this will release by itself."

The manager had entered the apartment with the consciousness of snooping. His consciousness was one of guilt. He was trying to see what "spiritual" things were going on. He was looking physically so he missed the whole thing.

The thought forms they created could pull energy from the fear and negativity created within the tomb. These thought forms were placed with the pharaohs' tombs to protect them. Once created, thought forms can exist for thousands of years with just a little energy. That's why they are so hard to break away. The thought forms, that were placed there as protection ages ago, are still there. When the tombs are opened, the thought forms move rapidly into the aura of the intruders. The results can be serious because those things still carry a lot of energy. If you ever go out on any archeological digs and come upon, for instance, an Indian grave site someplace out in the desert, don't go dig it up unless you're clairvoyant. The Indians were pretty smart; they knew about thought forms, too. If you could see the forms surrounding these old areas, you'd really be amazed. You can encapsulate thought forms in Light when you know what they are. You can take them right out of the air by putting the Light there and dissolving them. You can also use the Light as protection if you become aware that people are projecting negative thoughts and images. These techniques do work, if you work them.

Daydreaming is also a method of creating thought forms. This is why, if you must day dream, get it done in a hurry and get back to reality. If you have to daydream, then bring your creativity down to this level and manifest it as creative work. We are on a negative realm, and the "loyal forces of the opposition" will move right into your thought form and tickle you where you live. Sometimes it's not too funny, but then sometimes all you can do is laugh because you don't want to cry in public.

Many people have created many things that they have to break through-not only from this lifetime, but from other life times too. Some of these things are on other realms, the other realms that you're working in and through. So your work is cut out for you. Some people say, "I give up, what's the use?" But the thought form doesn't give up. If you want to come back and do it again another time, it's okay' it'll wait for you. It's in no hurry. These things can live a long, long time.

That's why, when you project Light and Love, you are not only clearing yourself, but you are also clearing various other planes of consciousness. As each person learns to lift himself, he becomes his own salvation. Each person then becomes his own resurrection.

Jesus was a prototype. He showed us how to do it. He forgave all people, even when they had Him on the Cross. He didn't produce a single thought form that would hinder or harm. He said, "Forgive them," and He let go. He didn't create any negative thought form that would wait to latch onto Him. He'll only come back to receive His good works, because that is the only work He put out.


There are other types of "forms" that exist which we refer to as "elementals." These exist on the astral realm and can tap into and, in some senses, communicate on the physical level. These forms have never been on the earth in a physical form; they have collected a lot of information from this realm as well as from the astral realm, however, so sometimes they can really talk a great deal with much "authority." Their "mentality," if you can call it that, is similar to a recording machine, but they can only play back information that they have heard and "recorded" at some point.

There are quite a few so-called metaphysicians and mediums whose "contacts" are elementals. These people are not necessarily aware that they are dealing with elementals because the elementals may tell them almost anything and may masquerade as highly evolved and highly spiritual beings. Then they come through and say things that are really sort of shocking, and you think, "How could a spirit that is supposed to be so highly evolved say and do those types of things? It's not logical." It is partly because of these results that this type of "spiritual" action has so often been labeled as being fake and phony-because the elementals can bring disruption and confusion and doubt to those who are unaware. If you have been to a medium who is working with an elemental, you'll often come away with the feeling of, "Something seems to be wrong with that" or "That doesn't seem to work" or "That didn't sound right; why would he tell me that?" When those types of questions pervade your consciousness, it can be an indication that the contact may very well have been an elemental.

When contacting spirits be careful. A spiritual group once contacted a spirit named "Joshua." They thought it was the Joshua of Biblical times. When asked, "Joshua who?" it didn't have an answer. When asked other questions such as: which realm it lived on, if it were the astral or causal or what. It couldn't answer, which makes it obvious that it was a rather low astral elemental. These things are relatively easy to check out. Don't be afraid to test the Spirit, to test it constantly. Remember that you can always place the Light around something to keep out any negativity. An elemental will not and cannot harm you unless you allow it. It can only harm you if you give over your control to it and abrogate your responsibility to yourself.

One "danger" in going to a medium or clairvoyant is that an elemental can come through with some very good information that is beautiful and accurate and really works well for you. So you go back to hear more and, again, it's really fantastic. So you keep going back again and again, and pretty soon you stop making your own decisions. You go to the medium and ask, "Should I change the baby's diapers tonight, or should I wait and change them tomorrow?" The elemental says, "Tomorrow will be soon enough." And pretty soon you're wondering about every little ache you have, and you run to the medium to ask what it is. Maybe you just forgot that you lifted some boxes so that you are just naturally sore. In this way the elemental can start taking away your growth and start controlling you.

Elementals do not teach you how to grow and progress; they say in essence, "Come to me and don't grow." If they are not elementals, if they are spiritual teacher, they won't take your experiences from you. They'll say, "You have to go do it for yourself. Here are some ways; give them a try."

No one can take a person's responsibility, but an elemental will try to take a person's responsibility instantly. You can listen to an elemental. If the information seems accurate and helpful, test it out. And if it works for you, use it. You use the information, and then you go on. It's always important to take responsibility for your own decisions and your own actions.

If you know there are elementals around, you can educate them to the consciousness of Light. You can send them the Light, and they can be on their way. Then you can be on your way into higher expressions of consciousness.


Other disincarnate forms exist which are referred to as "entities." They are somewhat different than elementals in that most entities have been on the earth in a physical form and, for some reason, have been unable to complete their experience here. They have been "caught" or "suspended" very close to the earth and have not been able to release from this level and continue in their spiritual progression. They are earthbound and wait for a "body" that they can come into and possess so they can complete the interrupted action of their own life plan. They wait for someone who is not being responsible to his body, someone who is leaving his body unprotected and "open" to whatever comes is. In such a situation, an entity will often come in and attempt to take over the direction of that life. An entity possession lodges itself and creates a block between the high self and the conscious self. A possession is not necessarily bad, but it is earthbound and will block the movement of consciousness into a higher awareness.

If a person who drinks heavily dies a rather sudden, rapid, or violent death, the consciousness of that person may become earthbound because of the desire for the taste of alcohol; it becomes an earthbound entity. It will stay close to the earth plane and wait for an opportunity to possess a living human body so that it may fulfill its desire for alcohol. Perhaps the entity will wait for a preacher who preaches fanatically against drinking; because that is the thing he fights against within himself. Those things that you are fighting in your consciousness are your weak spots; and the weak spot is the place to "hit." Also, the things you fight are the things to which you give energy. So the entity will hang around, waiting for a chance to come in. At some point the preacher may let down the controls a little bit, and the possession can come in and force the preacher into an alcoholic way of life. It's important to keep the consciousness balanced and fulfilled physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. You can't walk away from your body; you must take care of it and do those things that are necessary for health and balance. But you don't let it control you; you control it.

There was a minister who had the power to remove entity possessions from people's consciousness. People would go to his church services, and he would remove their entities. They thought he was the greatest person that ever existed. But months later the same people had become very disgruntled and had three or four new entities where there had been only one. They kept going back, and this process kept repeating itself until his group was loaded down with entities. Then the power started backing up on him and about every three to four months he would end up in the hospital for a month, trying to recuperate. He became a case of chronic walking pneumonia. He had not really been creating a positive action. He could have been educating his people about how these entities were coming in, and what allowed them in, and what to do about it. He could have been supplying the "battery," the Light force, the strength of consciousness for his people. Then they could have pushed the entities off and regained control of their levels of consciousness, and they would have been free.

In social drinking, you are giving over your control and leaving yourself open for an entity to come into your consciousness. As soon as you feel the effects of alcohol in your system, you are no longer in total consciousness control, and you leave yourself open. Many times these things come in temporarily because it is difficult for them to get hold of you if your consciousness is strong. But if you continue drinking and create a pattern of this expression by getting drunk over and over, the entities can come in a little more strongly each time, until they possess the consciousness. Once they get a hold, they can be hard to get off.

If you smoke pot or take acid trips or use any type of drugs to get high to the point that you're no longer consciously in control of your body, an entity can get on your life stream and come right in. One drug "trip" may or may not cause this. For some people, four trips may do it; for others it might take fifty. Some people try drugs once and end up in a psychiatric ward. The consciousness of every person is different. Some have stronger conscious direction than others; some have basic selves that are not very strong and cannot maintain through the experience of drugs. These people will be more susceptible to an entity coming into the consciousness. But that potential is definitely present for anyone who abuses drugs-and once that entity has come in and possessed the consciousness, getting rid of it can be extremely difficult.

Let's look at the situation from the point of view of the entity. The entity sees an individual giving up the body. It sees an opportunity, a chance. From that point of view, it was not a negative action; the individual was allowing it to happen. He was going along with the action, saying it was okay. As soon as he said it was not okay, he started coming into greater balance with himself so that he possibly would be able to get rid of the entity.

When an entity comes in like this, it can assert a certain amount of control on a person, who starts feeling split because there is the person's own direction as well as the entity's direction. If this continues, the person will probably end up in a psychiatric ward somewhere receiving shock treatments. In checking spiritually, most youngsters who have been hospitalized or institutionalized because of psychedelic drugs abuse have had entity possessions with them.

The drugs blow away the restraints and then blow up the subconscious mind. The natural defense and protection of the body is shattered; the body is left open to whatever comes in.

Many of these entities have previously been in physical bodies where they were unable to finish what they came to do. Maybe they were killed suddenly and violently so that they made the transition with so little preparation that they became "caught" or stranded between the worlds. Suicides often become earthbound because they do not complete their action here on the physical.

A consciousness that finds itself in this position is no longer on the physical level in physical embodiments; neither has it found its way to the astral realm, however. So it waits for a time when it can possess another physical body and complete its action.

Sometimes a consciousness, while in the physical body, develops such tremendous desire patterns or addictive patterns that, even when death occurs, it cannot release from those desires. So the consciousness "hangs around" the earth plane waiting to find a body that it can possess and through which it can continue to express.

People who commit suicide enter into a form much like this also. Because they have changed their natural and rightful development, they cannot move on to the next realm. They also can become earthbound-and they also may wait for a chance to possess someone so they can complete their experience here and move on.

There are people who have the ability to remove entities. It's really not too difficult, but there are some things you must consider carefully. The Bible says that if you remove one entity, more can come in its place. Let's look at this idea. It is a person's irresponsible action that allows an entity in, in the first place. Sometimes the person is aware that he is giving up control and leaving himself open. But more often, although he may be aware that his patterns and expressions are not the most advantageous, he may not be aware of all the possible consequences. So if he does pick up an entity and then goes to someone to have that entity removed, he has really not learned his responsibility for his actions and is apt to repeat the same behavior that attracted the first entity. However, the next time an entity enters; there is a "space" where the first entity was. This opening makes it even easier for the new entity, and maybe several more, to come in and attach. So by removing one entity, without educating the consciousness to protect itself, more can come in and the problem is compounded.

Entities do not always come in because of drug abuse. Perhaps in some lifetime you were so very much in love with someone that you both vowed you would always be together and never be separated. Then you embodied into this time, but the other person did not.

Because your vow to one another had been so strong, the other comes in as an entity-to fulfill that vow. You promised one another, and you are held responsible for that promise. Then when you pass over, you may reunite again and go on your way together-until one day you may say, "I don't think we should promise things like this anymore. Let's get rid of those promises we made four thousand years ago. We don't need that. Our love is great, but we may have separate destinies-so you go your way and I'll go mine. If we meet again sometime, fine; if not, let's just make this a good and loving parting."

Another way to get an entity off is through shock treatments. Psychiatrists may not know why shock treatments sometimes work, but they know then often do. An entity cannot tolerate that type of jolt, so it lets go and backs off. But it often doesn't go very far, and as soon as the body comes back into a more balanced state, it can come right back again. This is why shock treatment is very often effective temporarily. But the consciousness has not been educated, and the patterns have not really been changed, so the entity usually comes back.

It is important to remember that the conscious self is "captain of the ship." It is the conscious self who is responsible for making the decisions and choosing the direction the body goes. When the conscious self makes irresponsible choices that can lead to possession by an entity, the high self will usually stand back in a neutral consciousness and allow the conscious self to learn from its actions-in whatever way is necessary for it to learn. The basic self will try to protect the body and the char centers, but if the conscious self persists in destructive patterns, the basic self will no be able to handle it and will probably just give up. It will not be receiving any support or positive direction from the conscious self and will eventually give up its protective function-and then the body is very open to entity possession.

We can bring these disincarnate entities into the Light; we can show them the Light. If the situation is not karmic and can be released, we call in workers from the other realms that help bridge the gap for the entities and take them into the next world. We hold them in the Light long enough so that they become educated, so that they can see that they have to assume their responsibility; then the other workers can take them into the next realm. But in the meantime, because the overall plan is so perfect, the entities have to be responsible; so they hold themselves into this orbital earthbound action until they do get this understanding, no matter how long it takes. And this is really a demonstration of love and divine order.


Whenever you work with people, it's important to keep in mind a few fundamental things about the people with whom you are working. One is that, from their physical body, they can project energy toward you in a thought pattern. Those who practice yoga have this ability. Others have developed this ability also, although not within the discipline and responsibility of yoga.

There are men who can sit in close proximity to young women and actually practice a form of physical-sexual vampirism. They have the ability to move into a woman's psychic space and extract her body energy. Women can do this, too. This form of vampirism may not always be directed on a sexual level, and it may not always be conscious on the part of the individual doing it. There are people who can, just by being near you, pull energy from you with their own magnetic force. From you body force they can set up a magnetic attraction to get what they want from you. Unknown to you, they can be pulling you into a whirlpool pattern that will suck energy right out of you-and all you're doing is acting like a funnel for your own energy.

They won't pull spiritual energy from you; if they did, it would balance them. They'll pull your body energy from you and just use it within themselves. People may sit in large groups and not know that they are "vampiring" the person next to them. We call them the "takers," and they'll take from practically anyone. The biggest takers are little babies-so you see, it's not necessarily a negative action. It's a way to get a lot of energy. Babies pull energy from adults or other, older children. They do it as a defense mechanism, to increase their own energy and to protect themselves. Teenagers are usually big "takers" too, but they do it because they are going through so many body changes and are growing so fast that they really need the extra energy.

When a person tries "vampirism" as a form of control where they are going to seduce someone in some way or another (not necessarily sexually) to get that person to do things for them, to con them, it can become a negative action. Con artists may not be so smart in their verbal expression, but they instill within you an aura of confidence. They envelop you within this magnetic force field that they are so adept at creating and they pull you right into it. Before you know it, you're thinking they're the most beautiful, wonderful people around. But if you ask for a demonstration of what they're telling you, you may find out that they're no longer around and that they've taken you for your valuables and left you holding an empty force field-the one they have placed around you. The only way that you can really counteract this action is through the art of detachment. In other words, you don't move toward a con man in the emotional body because this is where you will play the role of the "sucker;" this is where you get hit.

There are some very good techniques that you can use to protect yourself from those people who project thought forms toward you, attempt to pull energy from you, or make any other sort of "psychic attack" against you. Your most sensitive areas are the chakra centers that are located in the torso of your body-the sexual-creative chakra, the stomach chakra, and the heart chakra. These are the areas that are important to protect when you feel negativity coming toward you. Physically you can cross your legs and fold your arms across your chest. If it's not too conspicuous, you can place a pillow or book or magazine across you stomach and hold your arms over it. Any of these things will help deflect the negativity.

Another way to protect yourself is to create, right in front of your body, a protective layer of white Light. You do this with your creative imagination. You envision white Light like cheese cloth, like a very fine mesh, and you just start building protective layers around the torso of the body. That will screen the positive from the negative, so that the negative will be caught between those layers, especially if it's a vibratory rate that you're picking up. Then you create in your imagination, a candle within your body in the area of the stomach center, and you envision this candle with a purple flame. You may have to work at it a little bit to see the candle and the purple flame.

But once you can create that candle and flame, that purple flame will transmute any negativity coming in. then anything negative that does get through the layers of Light will be burned up in the purple flame of transmutation. If you do this, you'll find that in situations where your stomach used to drop so that you'd fee a pulling and an energy drain, you will now feel calm and together.

Since you are learning to create as part of your destiny on this planet, you have to make sure that your creation is stabilized. For example, in the above exercise, you may need to visualize the screen and the candle there every day when you get up in the morning-until you can actually see it. If you become very successful, a clairvoyant may say, "You have a white Light around your torso," these things become real as you create them. You may have to create them over and over and over as you are building strength-until you can wake up in the morning, place the Light there, place a capsule of Light around you, and have it be there. On that day, you will know that only those things that are positive will get through. If the technique doesn't work the first time, keep working with it until it does work. The choice is yours. The ability is yours.

Another way you can protect yourself is to ask for "the eight-foot cube of Light," and it will be there for spiritual protection in the physical world. You can also just ask for "the cube of Light." This is how to protect yourself before the event occurs. To protect yourself after the event has occurred is like closing the barn door after the horse has run out. It's called dumb time. You protect yourself every time before you go out anywhere. When you go out your door, you just say, "Cube of Light." You may see it in your mind (but you don't have to see it): it's like a big box putting you in the Light. If you're going towards a large group of people, then you may say, "I want a hundred-foot Light barrier." The Spirit knows how to do this. You don't, but the Spirit does. What we do is inform the Spirit that we'd like it.

There is also a technique that you can use to clear people, places, things, etc. from yourself that you have picked up because you did not have the spiritual protection, the Light protection around you. You put the palm of one hand over your forehead and say the name of the person (or whatever, let's call it X) and then say, "Anything from or through X. Clear, disengage, disconnect." (You can also say something like "cut off," or any other verb that gets across, to you, what you'd like to take place.) Then, while your hand is still on your forehead, you ask that this be done through the Traveler, Christ, and Holy Spirit, and have the intention that it will clear completely. That's it. You might take in a deep breath or two, but you don't need to concentrate intently because whatever is going to happen is going to be done through Spirit. After you have cleared something, immediately place the Light in and around you; then just let go of whatever it was you cleared and don't look to see if it is still there or not.

You may find that this clears whatever it is, or you may find that after about five or ten minutes or so, you feel you need to do it again, at which time you can just repeat it. Sometimes these essences clear one at a time, so you might be doing it until all of them are gone. In addition, sometimes it may take quite a few times to clear some of these things; they come off like the layers of an onion.

One other thing; when clearing a person, you may have to say the other person's name backwards. In other words, say you are clearing "John Smith." You may also need to say "Smith John" when you do it, because the name has gone in "backwards."

Practice working with these techniques, and as you develop your ability and attunement to the Light, they can become more diligent about keeping the Light around you, you will probably have less need of the technique for clearing yourself. All the techniques are of value, depending on your choices and needs.


Since childhood you have probably heard people mention "guardian angels." But most people aren't aware that they really do exist; they are real. A lot of people may call guardian angels guides or teachers or masters. It doesn't matter what you call them because they are all doing a similar thing. They're here to assist and work with you. If you have a guardian angel with you, you can learn to contact it consciously and work with it, and it can be of great assistance to you. It's not rare to have a guardian angel, but it is rare to have contact with it.

Many times there is a karmic relationship between you and the one who comes forward as your guardian angel-something to be worked out between you. Also, if you have been baptized in certain faiths, there is a guardian angel place with you at the time of baptism. Guardian angels are really there to guide, assist, and protect you.

The force field of the guardian angels that work with earthly humans is an electrical energy. One way you might feel this electrical energy, and hence the presence of your guardian angel, is through the sensation of "goose bumps" in some places on the body. You might experience tingling along an arm or leg; it's rare to feel it on the upper thigh or on the torso. Usually you feel it on the appendages: lower legs, hands, or feet. You may feel it along the side of the head, on the face, across the top of the head, on the face, across the top of the head, or down the side of the neck. Sometimes you feel like "somebody's there." A lot of people say they feel it like a cobweb across their face; you may find yourself trying to clear your face because of this force that comes in. These experiences are all very, very interesting, especially when you have developed your awareness sufficiently to have good knowledge of who is contacting you and giving you information.

If you are going to attempt to contact your guardian angel, there are a few techniques that will probably help you to do this. The guardian angel can be contacted by going through the basic self, and then beyond to the guardian angel. You have to learn to contact and then go beyond both the subconscious mind and basic self. To do this, it is important to put yourself in a very relaxed, comfortable position-free from anything that will bother or distract you. As you clarify in your mind your intention of contacting your guardian angel, it is always important that you add, in your mind, "...if it is for my highest good." This protects you from "pulling in" thought forms or elementals or entities that would not be advantageous to you. Ask that the Light protect you and assist you in contacting your guardian angel.

If you sit and try to force this action, if you tighten your jaw or grit your teeth, you shut off the energy. It is through the relaxed lower jaw that you create a flow of energy that allows communication with the subconscious mind. People who grind their teeth at night may have a conflict between the subconscious and the conscious mind, often a severe conflict. So you get the jaw to relax and keep it relaxed continuously. It can be really difficult to learn to let go and relax, but to successfully contact the guardian angel, you have to become very relaxed.

One way to contact your guardian angel is to stand up with your feet comfortably apart and let your shoulders relax and slump a little so you get sort of a sway-back; as you do this, you relax the lower jaw. Remember to ask for the Light to surround you. Then you stand very relaxed and become very flexible. You then drop very deep in your consciousness and ask, "Guardian angel number one, are you with me?" It may very well just up and give you a little push. Sometimes it will push you forward a little bit. It may rock you very gently. It has to do something to make you aware of its presence. If you say, "Are you with me?" and get no response, then the guardian angel is not there. You can continue, "Guardian angel number two, are you with me?" Again, you may or may not get a response. You might ask yourself if this might not all be in your imagination. Sure, it might be. Accept all possibilities, yet try them out for size, you can test them out to see if the information you receive is accurate and helpful. If it is, does it really matter where it comes from?

When you feel like you have made contact with your guardian angel, check it out. Ask it questions. But before you ask it questions, set up some sort of a code with it. Come to an agreement. For example, if the answer to your question is "yes," have it push you forward and back; and if the answer is "no," have it push you side to side. Then try out a few simple questions and see if the answers come back accurately. Remember, if you stand in one position for very long-particularly if your eyes are closed-you may start rocking back and forth just as a natural balancing reaction and not because the guardian angel is pushing you. So be sure you don't kid yourself; that's important.

For a while you may not know what all the feelings and sensations mean, but as you tune more to the guardian angel, you'll be able to feel its hand on your head or shoulders or stomach. If you start feeling really unsure of what's happening, you might want to ask again for the Light to surround, protect and fill you for the highest good.

If you find that you have particular idiosyncrasies, you can allow for that. For instance, sometimes when people ask for the Light, they find that the Light energy starts moving their head back and forth. If this happens, you can ask your guardian angel to move your entire body when it responds, rather than just your head.

If you want to know whether your guardian angel is male or female, it will tell you. Just remember to ask it in a way that is can respond with a "yes" of "no" answer. It will give you information about how old it is, what country it's from, what racial heritage, etc. The answers might come as impressions rather than definite answers. If you continue to work with this technique, the impressions will become more and more definite. Be careful about the type of questions you ask the guardian angel, however. Don't ask questions like, "Should I go to Las Vegas next weekend?" because you are asking it to start controlling your life. But you can ask, "If I go to Las Vegas next weekend, will the trip be okay for me?" The guardian can answer that. You might also want to ask, "If I stay home this weekend, will that be okay for me?" If it answers "yes" to both, then the choice is yours. Don't ask, "Should I go do this or should I go do that?" because you will start pulling astral entities to you. Be careful who you contact. If you ask questions like-"Should I put my money in IBM or in AT&T?"-you are starting to force choices. An elemental or an entity will come in and be really happy to tell you whatever it feels like telling you. Then you may start pulling in "spooks." So the thing to do is always check and double check, and always ask for your highest good. If you are asking your guardian angels a question and you start to move from side to side and then change to forward and backward, you may have a big decision going. It could be a yes and no response, such as the case of a probability. If the guardian angel with you is highly evolved, it may not give you a definite answer because it identifies universally-as a universal process, it will see all probabilities and therefore will not answer with a definite "yes" or "no."

To experience success with this technique, you may have to practice. You are, in essence, learning to talk with somebody whose language you don't know. When you are starting to communicate with these forces that are with you, you have to learn to find a language that you both can understand and use. You might have to start in sign language. Later, as you start to communicate pretty effectively, you may ask, "Is there a chance I can see what you look like?" Then the inner vision may come so that you may see that form. Then you may ask, "Can I hear your voice? Is it time for me to hear your voice?" If it indicates, "No," you can be very happy, if is says, "Yes," you can be very happy. Contacting your guardian angel takes practice. The more you can condition your subconscious mind to release and let you go, to let you be free-flowing, the easier it is to reach to the guardian angel. If you are extremely highly evolved, of course, you can just communicate with the angels directly. But until that time, you communicate in any way that will work for you-through feeling, through images, through impressions. If you're not sure of the responses, double check. If you don't know whether or not the information you receive is accurate, stop, release it, and place the Light there again. Then ask again. If you get the same answer, and you're still not sure, let it go. Do something else. Come back to check it out later. Remember that you never, never abrogate your responsibility-the responsibility of the conscious self-to make decisions. Never give that responsibility up to an outside agent.

As you work with this technique, you'll learn more and more about it and start gaining confidence. You'll start substituting knowledge for faith. Then you take your faith and move it up a little higher, and as you gain experience, you add that to your knowledge. Then, again, you move your faith even higher. Let faith lead you, but stand upon your experience and knowledge. Get some results that are tangible to the conscious mind. That's how you build your knowledge and your confidence-through successful experiences.

If you are interested in working with this technique, work with it until you make contact with your guardian angel, until you make a good contact. Then work with it until you make an excellent contact. Work with it until you start hearing your guardian angel, talking to it, seeing it, and communicating with it just like you would with someone on the physical level. If you do practice faithfully every day, you very well may start seeing results within thirty days. But practice every day if you want results. If you're just playing around on a curiosity level, the subconscious mind may start blocking the action-because it will run protection for these lower levels. If you're going to do this, it's important to do it in good faith. Then it can work for you.

There are many levels that are beyond the experience of the physical. These other levels and the forms that inhabit them have much reality and much illusion within them. These aspects of the occult that appear to be negative can also be very positive, depending on your intent and on your attitude. You have been given certain abilities, so you have certain potentials and certain powers. How you use these, what you do with them, is your choice. Spiritual law says that you are held responsible for what you create and what you express. If you want those things that are positive-peace, joy, and happiness-you can choose to create those things for yourself. If you express negativity and patterns of control, you will find that returned to you. You are the master of your destiny. You can have dominion over your life plan. Use your knowledge wisely. Fulfill your highest potential, and you will bring to yourself freedom and joy and love.