Synchronicity and the Seventh Seal

by Peter Moon

Synchronicity and the Seventh Seal is a true life adventure where the crossroads of parallel universes meet to reveal the core formula of reality. Told against the backdrop of King Solomon's underground catacombs, this book explores the pathway to the Unified Field through the principle of synchronicity. In 1990, when Peter Moon encountered Preston Nichols and opened the door to the public investigation of the Montauk Project, he began to experience odd synchronicities that were far beyond the range of what could be considered ordinary coincidences. In the midst of writing and editing books, Peter found that these synchronicities accelerated at a far greater rate than he could easily chronicle and put into book form. Only now, after a dozen years is he beginning to catch up and publish the first installment which is entitled SYNCHRONICITY AND THE SEVENTH SEAL, Peter's first solo authored book since THE BLACK SUN in 1997. This new book begins with a historical and scientific look at synchronicity before leading into a recapitulation and new perspective on the many synchronicities that are now part of the Montauk legend. After revealing the paranormal prelude that led him to the Montauk Project, which includes the origins of the Remote Viewing phenomena, Peter gives a riveting account of and a totally new perspective to the Babalon Working which was revealed to him as a result of his adventures with Marjorie Cameron, the wife of Jack Parsons who was the vehicle used to precipitate the return of the Goddess. SYNCHRONICITY AND THE SEVENTH SEAL reveals new mysteries about the Babalon Working and how his study of it led to further synchronicity, including a unique penetration of the work of John Dee and Edward Talbot Kelly, two magicians who inspired the Babalon Working and also dictated the future course of Western Civilization under the sponsorship of Queen Elizabeth I. Ultimately, this path of synchronicity leads to the revelation of the Seventh Seal itself. It is not what you think, but you will not be disappointed, and you will learn the greatest secret by which the multitudes have been duped since the beginning of the Christian Era.

Price: $29.95 ($19.95 if order before May 1st, 2004) 0-9678162-7-0

Ong's Hat: The Beginning
Joseph Matheny / Peter Moon

Quantum Conspiracy, Mysterious legends from an obscure location in South Central New Jersey, historically known as Ong's Hat, has inspired a counterculture revolution in physics. Beginning with a club house atmosphere of physicists from the Institute for Advanced Study and Princeton University, exotic pursuits in the Many-Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics paved the way for avant-garde experiments in quantum consciousness. Integrating procedural meditation with biofeedback and brain machine techniques, synchronicity attractors were developed which sought out tangible states of existence that reached beyond the bounds of the Consciousness Authority we know so well on Earth. Allegedly, the experimenters ultimately achieved success with time travel and the accessing of parallel universes. In the background shadows of these experiments stands one of the most secretive and mysterious religious organizations ever known to man: the Moorish Orthodox Church, a revolutionary and heretical sect of Islam that carries on an ancient tradition which sought to counterbalance the forces of orthodox Islam. Despite the controversial and dubious nature of the MOC, part of their tradition has been to serve as the torch bearers of freedom against the tyrannical and repressive aspects of the Earth's patriarchal power structure as our planetary consciousness shifts to the Age of Aquarius and sets its site on unlimited freedom and the expression of life in all of its true wonder and beauty. Already published in the form of an e-book known as The Incunabula Papers, this edition, entitled Ong's Hat: The Beginning, gives more clues and includes interviews with actual survivors of the time travel cult.

For a complete background on this title read The Ong's Hat Pulse.

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The Brookhaven Connection
by Wade Gordon/Edited by Peter Moon

In the wake of World War II and amidst a flurry of reported UFO's, the National Security Act was invoked in 1947 setting forth a policy of secrecy which has immersed the U.S. Government ever since in a labyrinth of security and intrigue. No facility has remained as cloaked in this mystery as Brookhaven National Laboratory, the premier nuclear research facility in the world. Located on Long Island near the old Nazi compound at Yaphank, Brookhaven's deep secrets have remained an inpenetrable fortress and no one has been able to crack the code of secrecy surrounding it. Wade Gordon, who grew up in and around the lab and amidst its top players, now tells his personal story of how he was groomed from a very young age to share the legacy of what happened there. Beginning with Brookhaven's formative years when the Philadelphia Experiment was researched, links are revealed which tie Brookhaven directly to the the Majestic-12 documents (included in this book), the Roswell crash and the Montauk Project. Known as the Phoenix Project, the research at Brookhaven probed the Unified Field Theory to secure practical applications of time travel. Included is a description of a time chamber beneath Brookhaven Lab which was utilized to monitor the JFK assassination in order to secure funding for the continuation of the secret research.

There is vast body of data on this planet that the general public is still in the dark about. The implications of the technology developed from such research are so tremendous that they lead into any facet of creation that can be imagined. The powers of creation are wide-open. Only the limitations of our imaginations can stop us from tapping them and molding the future to our own liking. The Brookhaven Connection bridges the missing gaps in our recent history and leads us on a pathway to understanding our future track.

The Brookhaven Connection is the real life story of Wade Gordon who as a young boy was tutored by the head of the Phoenix Project and introduced to a mysterious group known as Majestic-12, an above top secret faction of the Government said to stand on the threshold of humanity's evolution.

The Brookhaven Connection is now available from Sky Books- 256 pages, ISBN 0-9678162-1-1

The Music of Time
by Preston Nichols with Peter Moon

A Real Life Adventure! Carved into the annals of rock 'n roll history is an enigmatic and legendary sound engineer who was affectionately known in the music industry as "Little Buddha" Loved by musicians and producers for his mysterious and uncanny knack to produce hit after hit record, Little Buddha's identity has remained a virtual secret until now as Preston Nichols comes forward and reveals his hidden role in the recording industry where he worked as an expert sound engineer and recorded hundreds of hit records during the Golden Era of rock 'n roll.

Already famous for his involvement in time experiments known as the Montauk Project and heralded as one of the few people in the world who understand the true physics of time, Preston Nichols explains how subliminals and mind control were used to influence the masses who listened to rock 'n roll.

Beginning with his early work for Time Records, Preston chronicles his innovations in sound engineering and tells how he constructed the premier music studio in the world for Phil Spector at Bell Sound. Having created a Mecca for talented musicians, Preston soon found himself surrounded by and interfacing with the likes of the Beatles, Beach Boys, Rolling Stones, and many more such popular acts. For the first time, Preston reveals his employment at Brookhaven Labs and how his connections in the music industry were used for mind control and manipulation of the masses.

The Music of Time blends music with time travel as Preston integrates his extensive knowledge of music with his insights into time and offers a new view of history and the universe. But, most chilling of all are his real life adventures which lead to time travel, his own role in the future, and the efforts of his adversaries to put him permanently out of commission. These include efforts by mysterious sources which enable Preston to parlay his resources into the ownership of different radio stations and enable him to set up his own facility for time travel research. At the same time, the hand of evil reaches into the equation which results in the arrest of John Ford, the premier UFO researcher on Long Island who sought to expose the truth about Long Island politics and was also Preston's colleague.

Ford is placed in jail and permanently incarcerated without any trial, let alone a speedy one. In a remarkable twist of fate, mysterious forces rescue Preston from suffering a similar fate and begin a documented investigation and eventual conviction of the most politically powerful man on Long Island.

The Music of Time unravels more layers of mystery in mankind's epic quest to understand the paradox of time and the imprisonment of consciousness. It is an intriguing look at the unknown history of the music business which leads to a human rights saga that will make patriotic Americans cringe. Told against the backdrop of time travel, a new millennium begins to unfold.

Price $19.95 retail

ISBN 0-9678162-0-3, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 quality trade paperback, perfect binding, illustrations, 244 pages with index.

The Healer's Handbook : A Journey Into Hypersapce
by Stewart Swerdlow

Welcome to the World of Hyperspace!

Imagine falling asleep in your own bed or favorite chair to suddenly find yourself flying at incredible speeds over a strange land. The sky is a different color with multiple suns. Hieroglyphic symbols and geometric shapes now appear, glowing in various colors and arranging themselves in strange sequences. Information pulsates through your entire being. For a brief instant, you experience an all-pervading knowing. Everything makes sense and you feel absolute joy. You have just been introduced to the World of Hyperspace the region of consciousness which symbolizes the deepest level of creation and from which all mental and physical conditions emanate.

The Healer's Handbook: A Journey Into Hyperspace penetrates the secrets of creation through the mysterious principles of DNA, the biological interface between spirit and matter which determines our actual physical characteristics and maladies. Under the guidance of Stewart Swerdlow, a gifted mentalist and linguist who has identified the most basic archetypal expressions of consciousness, you will learn that DNA is comprised of four proteins corresponding precisely to universal archetypal symbols which exist in a region of our thoughts identified as Hyperspace. Change the symbols and you change the DNA as well as the physical condition.

The Healer's Handbook: A Journey Into Hyperspace shows you how, and includes a vast panorama of healing techniques and supplementary information including: dream and numerical analysis, communication with the departed, color healing, prayer, and meditation techniques, as well as healing for the mentally ill and developmentally disabled.

The miraculous and strange become common place as you journey out of this dimension with Stewart Swerdlow and discover the Language of Hyperspace, a simple system of geometric and archetypal glyphs enabling us to comprehend universal mysteries ranging from crop circles to the full panorama of occult science.

Written for both individuals and practitioners alike, The Healer's Handbook embraces offers exercises designed to unlock DNA sequences programmed within you since the beginning of your existence.

The ancients uniformly alluded to an arcane language, sometimes described as Vril or Babylonian, which was once common to all mankind, connected to the Mind of God and also served as an inter-species and interuniversal language. Now, for the first time ever, is an entire text dedicated to the explanation of these ancient concepts. Fully illustrated with exercises, Dream and Hyperspace Dictionaries, and the most complete rendering of the Hyperspace Language available.

Price $22.00 retail

8 1/2 x 11"; large book with hundreds of symbols, glossary, index and color healing card included. ISBN 0-9631889-9-2

The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time

The Montauk Project chronicles the most amazing and secretive research project in recorded history. Starting with the "Philadelphia Experiment"; of 1943, invisibility experiments were conducted aboard the USS Eldridge that resulted in full scale teleportation of the ship and crew. Forty years of massive research ensued, culminating in bizarre experiments at Montauk Point that actually tapped the powers of creation and manipulated time itself.

The Montauk Project bridges the modalities of science with the most esoteric techniques ever imagined and finally catapults us to the threshold of the stars. We all know something is out there, but we're not sure exactly what. This book, at long last, begins to provide some solid clues.

Price $15.95 retail

ISBN 0-9631889-0-9, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 quality trade paperback, perfect binding, photos, diagrams and illustrations.

Montauk Revisited: Adventures in Synchronicity

Montauk Revisited unmasks the occult forces that were behind the science and technology used in the Montauk Project. An ornate tapestry is revealed which interweaves the mysterious associations of the Cameron clan with the genesis of American rocketry, the bizarre history of the electronic transistor and the magic of Aleister Crowley, Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard.

Montauk Revisited carries forward with the Montauk investigation as Preston Nichols opens the door to Peter Moon and unleashes a host of incredible characters and new information. A startling scenario is depicted that reaches far beyond the scope of the first book.

The Montauk Project opened up the mystery of all mysteries. This sequel accelerates the pursuit.

Price $19.95 retail

ISBN 0-9631889-1-7, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 quality trade paperback, perfect binding, photos, and illustrations.

Pyramids of Montauk: Explorations in Consciousness

Pyramids of Montauk unveils the mysteries of Montauk Point and its select location for pyramids and time travel experimentation. An astonishing sequel to The Montauk Project and Montauk Revisited, this chapter of the legend awakens the consciousness of humanity to its ancient history and origins through the discovery of pyramids at Montauk. Their placement on sacred Native American ground opens the door to an unprecedented investigation of the mystery schools of Earth and their connection to Egypt, Atlantis, Mars and the star Sirius.

Preston Nichols continues to fascinate with an update on covert operations at Montauk that includes the discovery of a nuclear particle accelerator on the Montauk base and the development of new psychotronic weapons.

Pyramids of Montauk propels us far beyond the adventures of the first two books and stirs the quest for future reality and the end of time as we know it.

Price $19.95 retail

ISBN 0-9631889-2-5, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 quality trade paperback, perfect binding, photos, diagrams and illustrations.

The Black Sun: Montauk Nazi-Tibetan Connection

The Black Sun continues the intriguing revelations readers have come to expect from Peter Moon as he digs deeper than ever before into the mysterious synchronicities that have made his work so popular.

After World War II and the subsequent occupation of Germany, Allied military commanders were stunned to discover the penetrating depth of the Nazi regime's state secrets. The world's best intelligence organization was not the least of these revelations. Also discovered were massive and meticulous research file on secret societies, eugenics and other scientific pursuits that boggled the imagination of the Allied command. Even more spectacular was an entire web of underground rocket and flying saucer factories with an accompanying technology that still defies ordinary beliefs.

A missing U-boat fleet possessing the most advanced submarine technology in the world left many wondering if the Nazis had escaped with yet more secrets or even with Hitler himself.

Behind all of these mysteries was an even deeper element: a secret order known to initiates as the Order of the Black Sun, an organization so feared that it is now illegal to even print their symbols and insignia in modern Germany. The Black Sun probes deeper into the secrets of the Third Reich and its Tibetan contacts than any other previous attempt.

The Black Sun is an adventure in consciousness that reveals a vast array of new information. From the German flying saucer program to the SS mission into Tibet, we are led on a path that gives us the most insightful look ever into the Third Reich and the holy relics they sought in their ultimate quest: the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail.

Going beyond The Spear of Destiny and other attempts to unlock the mysterious occultism of the Nazis, Peter Moon peers into the lab of the ancient alchemists and their white powdered gold in order to explain the secret meaning behind the Egyptian and Tibetan "Books of the Dead".

Author Peter Moon ties all of these strange associations to Montauk Point, where an American military facility was used by the Nazis to further their own strange experiments and continue the agenda of the Third Reich.

Price $19.95 retail

ISBN 0-9631889-4-1, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 quality trade paperback, perfect binding, photos of Nazi UFOs and illustrations with index.

Montauk: The Alien Connection

Montauk: The Alien Connection reveals the most amazing story yet to surface in the area of alien abduction. This is an autobiographical and factual account from Stewart Swerdlow, a gifted mentalist who was born clairvoyant but haunted by strange time-space scenarios. Stewart's rare abilities not only made him a magnet for government surveillance, but his unique genetic structure made him a clearing house for different alien agendas which sought him out for their own purposes.

After suffering alien abductions and government manipulations, Stewart found Preston Nichols and discovered his own role in time travel experiments known as the Montauk Project. Everyone's sinister plans went haywire after Stewart began a deprogramming procedure with Preston which was designed to clear his memories and the controlling influences which had been installed.

Stewart was subsequently threatened and eventually jailed after his refusing to comply with orders to sever his ties with Preston, but the truth began to reveal itself. In prison and estranged from his family as a financially destitute and tragic figure, Stewart was able to call on his God-given abilities, reshuffle the deck, and reevaluate his life and the various agencies which sought to utilize him. Weeding out the negative influences and struggling for his life, Stewart used his mental abilities to recover his memories and discard those forces which sought to entrap him as well as mankind.

The most intriguing aspect of his incredible story is that he ultimately discovered the highest common denominator in the alien equation an interdimensional language which communicates to all conscious beings.

Montauk: The Alien Connection is an intriguing new twist to the Montauk sage and elevates the entire subject to a higher octave.

Price $19.95 retail

ISBN 0-9631889-8-4, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 quality trade paperback, perfect binding with index and glossary.

The Philadelphia Experiment Murder

A look at the covered-up murder of a US Navy worker becomes a probe of reality, itself. New evidence of a "real" Philadelphia Experiment, parallel Montauks and quantum consciousness lead to an interrogation of the very activity of belief.

Beginning with rumors in 1943, the legend of the Philadelphia Experiment has now grown the point where it has captured the imagination of an entire generation. In decades past, science fiction pursued the cutting edge of consciousness with the quest to transcend the speed of light and engage the culture of outer space. Today, the Philadelphia Experiment has become humanity's prime example in the effort to understand how consciousness interfaces with the cold hard quantum facts of life.

It has long since been established by science that parallel universes exist. The problem has been that no one knows how to penetrate or experience them, save for the testimony of those who have been labeled insane. The Philadelphia Experiment Murder: Parallel Universes and the Physics of Insanity brings an entirely new view to the horizon. Prompted by a thorough and vigorous investigation of the circumstances surrounding the murder of Phil Schneider, parallel worlds come into focus through studying the nature of insanity, itself.

In past attempts to understand Einstein's Unified Field Theory, consciousness has too often been omitted in the equation, yet consciousness is the very reason for observing its existence. Now, consciousness leaks new clues to the mysteries of the Philadelphia Experiment through the martyring of one of its proponents.

Encounter in the Pleiades: An Inside Look at UFOs
by Preston Nichols and Peter Moon

For millennia the seven stars known as the Pleiades have twinkled in the night sky, inspired countless legends and dared Mankind to discover their secrets.

Encounter in the Pleiades is the story of a man who was taken to the Pleiades and given a scientific education far beyond the horizons of anything taught in universities. For the first time, the personal history of Preston Nichols is revealed along with an avalanche of amazing information the world has not yet heard. A new look at Einstein gives insights into the history of physics and how the speed of light can be surpassed through the principles of reality engineering. New concepts in science are offered with technical but simple descriptions even the layman can understand. These include the creation of alternate realities through the use of twisters and spinners; mind control aspects of the Star Wars defense system; implants; alien abductions and much more.

Peter Moon adds further intrigue to the mix by divulging his part in a bizarre project which led him to Preston Nichols and the consequent release of this information. His account of the role of the Pleiades in ancient mythology sheds new light on the current predicament of Mankind and offers a path of hope for the future.

The truth is revealed. The keys to the Pleiades are in hand and the gateway to the stars is open.

Price $19.95 retail

ISBN 0-9631889-3-3, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 quality trade paperback, perfect binding.

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