The Spiritual Value of Money

You are the source
When you have a clear intention to have something, you generate energy that is focused like a laser beam to go out and get what you want.

Becoming abundant
As you express more and more of whatever higher quality you think more money will give you, you become magnetic not only to more money but to abundance in every area of your life.

Discovering what you want
Attract only those things that are the best tools for expressing your higher qualities and fulfilling your deeper needs, and be satisfied with everything you create.

Follow your inner guidance
The more you feel joyful when you do things and follow your hunches, the more quickly and easily you will get what you ask for. This is not to say that you won't be challenged, for challenges help you gain strength and confidence.

Allowing success
Many choices have been based on your past programming rather than your own unlimited thinking. If you are happy with what you have created so far, you can learn to make different choices and bring into your life more joy and abundance.

Transforming your beliefs
If you believe that the universe is abundant, you will act in such a way that you experience abundance. On the other hand, if you believe money comes from working hard, you will receive money only from hard work. Belief becomes fact.

Letting money flow
There is a natural rhythm to money, just as there is a natural cycle to everything in life. Every business has an ebb and flow. When you feel you are being inundated by business, don't put on the brakes, challenge yourself to ask for more.

Coming out of survival
If you are experiencing an ebb, don't panic. The challenge of an ebb state is to believe in your future prosperity. Focus on what you are learning from this experience. Ask yourself, "What is the advantage in this situation?" There is always a higher reason for changes in the flow. Focus on all the abundance you have rather than on the bills.

Trust is knowing that you are part of the process of creating, and believing in your ability to draw to you what you want. Don't make yourself feel wrong for worrying about money. Do change the habit of worrying, or you will continue to worry about money no matter how much you have.

The greatest miracle is life itself. You are the miracle and you can create anything you want. There are no barriers, no limits to what you may have.

You can do what you love
There is a reason why you're here; the special contribution you came to make is your life's work which should give you joy and abundance. You can make money doing work you don't like, but it will take more effort and diminish your flow of abundance. If you are hearing a negative inner message about your job, it is time to start examining your path.

Discovering your life's work
Observe what you love to do and what you do naturally, noticing which skills you enjoy using. Once you identify them, you can use them more and draw opportunities to you to make money and support yourself through them. Ask for what you want, no matter how farfetched it may seem, your higher self will go out and begin bringing your wishes to you.

You have what it takes
Start with small steps and develop your inner resources; it will accomplish more than you can imagine. You must listen to and follow your own wisdom. You are in the process of discovering yourself by going within instead of looking for answers outside yourself.

Believing in yourself
If you are waiting for someone else to give you what you want, you are turning the power over to others. Give yourself permission to do what you love or want to do.

Trusting the flow
If what you once loved to do has become a 'have to' or lost its sense of newness and aliveness, it is time to change course. Nothing is perfect forever unless you are willing to constantly update it. Sometimes a simple change will do. Other times you will have to let go of everything and start over with something completely different in order to get to the next level.

Moving to your higher path
Remain in your present job until you have built a foundation for your new work that is solid enough to support you. You have a good job that could be more satisfying if you are willing to change your attitude or work on making the job more suitable to you. Look at what you don't like about your job and ask if what you are experiencing is a reflection of how you treat yourself. If you don't change the behavior that created this situation; you may create similar situation in any job you hold.

Honoring your value and worth
If you do not value your time and energy, you cut off the flow of abundance. Determine for yourself what your time is worth, don't depend on others to do this for you. Never reduce your fee to get more clients; you are cutting off the flow of money in 2 ways (bad feelings and you're telling your subconscious that your work is not worth much). Learn to be more loving to yourself.

Joy and appreciation
Prosperity comes when giving and receiving are flowing freely. Every time you pay a bill, you are adding to the circle of money; you are enriching society. Every time you send out your money with joy and love, you open another way for the universe to send you money.

Giving and receiving
Many love to give but find it hard to receive from others. You empower others by letting them give to you, for they have the opportunity to demonstrate their abundance. Don't see it as selfish for you to receive; see it as the completion of the circle of energy. Imagine 10 times the amount of money someone gives you coming back to them every time you receive money. As you envision success for other people, you increase your own magnetism to prosperity.

Clarity and harmony
If you are to be satisfied and happy with the outcome of your energy exchanges or financial transactions, be definite from the beginning about commitments, agreements, the time involved, effort to be expended, duties to be performed, and rate of return.

Having money
Money is neither good nor bad; it is energy. It is the way money is used that determines whether or not it is a positive energy that will benefit you and others. True abundance is having all you need to do your life's work - the tools, resources, living environment, and to live a life filled with joy and aliveness. It is not a style of living to impress others.

Savings: affirming your abundance
There is a great value, even if you are in debt, in using some of your money to create savings. Your money can be used many times while it is "sitting" in a savings account. The money you save acts as a "money magnet" to attract more money, not a lack of trust in your ability to create money when you want it.


Follow these simple rules and you'll never be poor again. They not only apply to money but to other areas in your life: love, health, peace of mind.

Good luck and much success to all of you.


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