Precious and semi-precious gems and metals have held power over us for centuries. Is it just their beauty or is there really a healing power within them that calls to us? You can choose to believe or not, the legends that surround these different stones. But just in case you’re curious, here’s a list of some folklore associated with the “power” of the stones:

Abalone shell (Paua Shell) – (intricate patterns of green, blue, violet) helps reduce effect of allergies and asthma, protection on or over water, calming soothing, eases nervousness.

Agate – (many earthy colors) blending and binding of energies for strength and protection. Simplistic, has a stabilizing effect, physical endurance.

Amethyst – (Brazil & Zaire, purple) alleviates mental stress, healing, calming mental effect, enhances dream state, raises psychic awareness. Happiness, helps overcome addictions.

Apache Tears – (New Mexico, translucent brown volcanic glass) a stone of protection that prevents emotional draining from others. Good luck, emotional security.

Aquamarine – (Brazil, very light blue) enhances psychic awareness, cleansing and purifying. Protection on or near ocean. Soothing and calming, health, inner courage. Aids digestion, good to carry for diabetes.

Aventurine – (Brazil, green quartz) strengthens eye sight, increase intuition, perception and foresight. Good luck in games of chance, attracts money. Healing and stabilizing.

Bloodstone – (dark green with red spots) protection, helps prevent injury and disease, blood purification, aids circulation. Helps prevent headaches, the heart and high blood pressure.

Blue Lace Agate – (light blue with lacey design) brings higher states of consciousness, balances psychic centers, aids depression, despair and stubbornness. Balances emotions and calms the mind.

Carnelian Agate – (India, Brazil, medium to dark orange) strength, power, stamina, increases self-healing energy after illness, passion, confidence.

Citrine – (Brazil, golden quartz) creativity, mental clarity, helps overcome shyness and inhibitions, aids detoxification, energy.

Fluorite – (China, Mexico, Illinois, purple clear stripes, clear green, yellow) known as the “student stone” helps the mind work at it’s highest mental capacity, helps memory and concentration.

Fossils – longevity, protection, health. Gook luck to carry.

Garnet – (India, USA dark maroon red) body strength, energy endurance. Increases positive vibrations and dispels all negativity. Aids blood and circulation, increase sex drive, increase well-being.

Goldstone – (Italy, glass with flecks of copper) openness, honesty, relaxation and sharing. Transmitter stone, calming and refreshing.

Hematite – (China, USA, iron oxide) dissolves negative energy. Works as a shield of armor to ward off accidents, illness and the “Evil Eye.” Anti-inflammatory and blood purifier. Grounding, de-stressing.

Howlite – (Mexico and Zimbabwe, white with gray marble like marks) good luck if worn or carried, protection at night. Helps rid you of a headache.

Jade – (China, Wyoming and Alaska, green) an ancient love attracting stone, healing, protection, longevity, stabilizes mood swings, reduces fears and insecurities, protection, grounding.

Jasper – (many colors, looks like leopard skin) enables you to work with heavy negativity, stabilizes mood swings, reduces fears and insecurities, protection, grounding.

Lace Agate – (beige, brown and gray with lacey design) helps alleviate depression, despair and stubbornness. Helps stabilize emotions, calms the mind while energizing the body. Pink attracts and enhances love. Green attracts money and success.

Lapis Lazuli – (Afghanistan and Chile, royal blue with flecks of pyrite) great power to wearer if sincere, strengthens psychic awareness. Induces courage, protects, aids healing, purifies calms and de-stresses. Improves emotional clarity and wisdom, attracts spiritual love and fidelity.

Malachite – (Zaire, green with dark green bands and patterns) success and good fortune, especially in business, attracts money, protects your creative ideas. Stimulates thyroid, aids in weight reduction, protect during travel, soothing and healing.

Moonstone – (India and Brazil, white, gray, peach or clear) love attracting, opens psychic centers, relieves cramps, aids in hormone balancing. Protection when traveling by water, aids will-power, calming promotes easy child birth.

Moss Agate – (India, USA, clear with moss-like minerals inside) binds the energies of nature to bring you in tune with the land. Attracts money, helps increase business luck, healing long-life, fertility.

Mother of Pearl – (Alaska, Japan, China, white with rainbow flashes) attracts money, wealth, and prosperity, clarifies feelings, stabilizing, aids in asthma and allergies.

Onyx – (Mexico, most famous in black, but found in many colors) retains physical body strength and protects against draining by others, guards against the “evil eye”, negativity and danger at night.

Pearl – most powerful when worn at night. Spreads love vibrations and attracts love and good fortune, attracts money, health, courage and physical strength.

Peridot – (clear apple green) helps to see clearly, problem solving, healer of spirit and physical body. Attracts money and luck. Protects from stage fright, increases fearlessness and strong will. Aids liver.

Petrified wood – (Arizona) longevity and good luck, protection when traveling by land, healing qualities, protection against drowning.

Quartz crystal – (clear) a receiver, amplifier, conductor and generator of energy. Brings good health and balance. Used for healing, meditation, knowledge, clear thinking and protection. Good luck. Strengthens all other stones when place together.

Red jasper – (deep brick red) enhances love and passion, helps you work with heavy negativity. Reduces fears and insecurities, beneficial for blood and circulation.

Rhodonite – calming, casts off doubt and confusion, self esteem, self confidence, restores physical energy, enhances love and passion.

Rose Quartz – (light pink) attracts love, aids ability to give and receive love. Heals heart physically and emotionally. Aids blood and circulation. Promotes peace, happiness and fidelity in existing relationships

Rutilated Quartz – (clear crystal with gold colored threads) among the strongest healing stones, strength, detoxification, tissue regeneration, immune system. Balance, leads in a positive direction.

Sharks teeth – ranging in age from 7 to 20 million years old. Worn for protection while in or near the water, or traveling over water by boat or air. Also worn for general protection, good luck, longevity,

Snowflake Obsidian – (Brazil, Volcanic glass, black with gray “snowflakes”) un-hexing stone, wear or carry to remove “whammies” and improve luck, protects from negativity.

Sodalite – (deep royal blue to dark blue with white and black marble-like markings) heals stress, anxiety, nervousness, anger, and fear. Helps mind to release guilt, brings peaceful sleep.

Tiger’s Eye – (yellow, red or blue) combination of earth and sun for practical decision making and creativity, inner strength, self-confidence, courage. Worn for protection from danger. Energy.

Turquoise – (and turquoisette) used by Native Americans for protection against danger, accidents and evil. Use for protection while traveling. Attracts abundance and prosperity, promotes harmony between friends and lovers. Generally healing, helps to relieve headaches.

Ulexite – (also know as fiber-optics or cat’s eyes, naturally white, grown in lab in many bright colors) help see things from different perspectives, blue/aqua: calming, healing; green: money, creativity; yellow/orange: energy; purple: psychic awareness, de-stressing; black: dispels negativity.

Unakite – (combination of pink feldspar and green epidote) attracts love or enhances love and helps heal past emotional heartache. Especially useful for those seeking love the 2nd time around.

Zebra Marble – (Utah, black and white) keep in home to protect the household, wear for personal protection.